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Another Snowstorm: Do You Have Bread and Milk?

Here in Northern New Jersey the snow has begun in earnest.  Earlier this evening I snapped a few photos of our snow prep; we don’t have a garage so I covered my Audi A5 to make it easier to clear … Continue reading

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It’s Raining. It’s Pouring.

And No, I’m Not Snoring! (as the old nursery rhyme goes) It rained. No, let me rephrase that. It poured. It teemed. It rained so hard all of our local roads were flooded or near flooded. And I was supposed … Continue reading

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A Day in the Garden

With Some Necessary Deviations I looked like crap, but I had a smile on my face. I got to work in my garden most of yesterday. I started at 8:30 by pulling out the canvas drop cloth and sanding, wiping, … Continue reading

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VW Bug with a Bug?

Is It Fatal or Just Really Annoying. . .and Costly? Take a look at her. Yeah. Take a good look at Sunny, my daughter Tory’s beloved VW Bug. Cute, isn’t she? Like a little chick, all yellow and innocent looking. … Continue reading

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Home Manager

Walk with Me. . .for a Few Hours Woke up at 7 am to find out a commercial is being filmed at house across the street. Our road is parked solid with tech trucks, catering truck, workers’ cars. Navigated carefully … Continue reading

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Another Article on More.com!

It’s a Three-peat! This is exciting news that I want to share! Remember my March 3rd and 13th posts about “Riding Shotgun” and “Bumpin’ Down the Road” with my daughter Tory in her beloved VW Bug Sunny? Well, I reworked … Continue reading

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Sunny Today

Sunny Tomorrow! My daughter Tory and I took Sunny, her beloved yellow VW Bug, to NJ State inspection yesterday afternoon. Tory put Sunny’s roof down, put her sunglasses on and drove to the Wayne, NJ inspection station, which is in … Continue reading

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Sunny with a Chance of

Passing Inspection? We have juggled our schedules numerous times over the past weeks to get Sunny, our daughter Tory’s beloved VW Bug, back and forth to the used car dealer. You see, Sunny’s been sick. Real sick. She failed inspection … Continue reading

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Bulky Waste

Junk? Treasure? I Know! I Know!! You see this? Take a close look. It’s a three-piece set of wicker furniture someone put on the curb tonight for bulky waste day. I asked my daughter Tory to pull over and pick … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

AutoZone to the Rescue! You already know that Sunny, my daughter Tory’s yellow VW Bug, failed NJ State inspection since her “check engine” light was “on” when I took her through. I think that I also mentioned she spent an … Continue reading

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