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Sleep, or Lack Thereof

Living with College Students My son Max is now happily ensconced in his first apartment, located hard by his Big Ten College campus. He and the rest of the building’s tenants are college students, serious young men and women studying … Continue reading

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Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bonita Springs, FL Day 7 Another sunny, breezy, hot day at the Hyatt Coconut Point. The weather is gorgeous and my husband Mike and I are really happy to be here. Sticking to the schedule, we headed for the pool … Continue reading

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Who Needs to “Work Out?”

Gardening Is a Sport in My World I am an avid gardener. I don’t do grass though. Oh no. My husband Mike is the Lawn Ranger. I leave the mowing and grass primping to him. I am in charge of … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

AutoZone to the Rescue! You already know that Sunny, my daughter Tory’s yellow VW Bug, failed NJ State inspection since her “check engine” light was “on” when I took her through. I think that I also mentioned she spent an … Continue reading

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Riding Shotgun

Just Shoot Me Now I’ve begun riding shotgun, but not by choice. My daughter Tory is in the driver’s seat of her little yellow VW Beetle, whom (yes. It is a ‘whom,’ not a ‘what.’) she’s named ‘Sunny.’ She finished … Continue reading

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“Is It Your First Digit or Your Last?”

My daughter Tory slammed her thumb in the car door Monday morning. By Tuesday morning the pain was almost unbearable for my rough and tumble daughter who is so not a drama queen. A trip to the pediatrician was a … Continue reading

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Flying the Friendly Skies

I’ve been on some of the great airlines of the past. Do you remember Freddie Laker and the Laker Skytrain? How about People’s Express? I flew them, along with airlines like Sabena. I always loved to go to the airport, … Continue reading

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