Ice, Ice, Baby! Weather in South Carolina

Last night I knew that Bluffton, South Carolina, heck the entire state, was going to be hit with freezing temperatures. So I did what I do:

I wheeled my three fruit trees into the garage along with their flowering brethren on the front porch.

Then I gathered all the potted plants on my patio and lanai into one big pile and covered it with a large sheet.

I also hustled out to my vegetable garden and clipped large bunches of parsley, dill, basil, radishes, a couple of peppers and some green beans. I figured if it all froze at least I’d have some of my winter garden bounty left to enjoy.

Throughout the night I heard the wind blow. And blow. AND BLOW, talk about weather in South Carolina! When I walked into the kitchen this morning the flap on the stove exhaust fan was flapping and rattling as the wind blew. I looked outside: Tall, Dark and Handsome‘s cousin was frozen solid.

Yup! It’s a freeze, unusual weather in South Carolina. And it may last more than one day. At least the four lemons ripening on my lemon tree are safe. In the garage!

Is it cold where you are? Let me know.

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