Snow Day in South Carolina

first came the freezing rain.

My husband Mike and I, after a great deal of list making and agonizing, chose to retire to the Low Country of South Carolina, Bluffton to be exact. Hampton Lake to be even more precise. Mike had done his homework…He said that hurricanes didn’t make landfall in Bluffton because it was justfarenough inland from the coast. He said that the weather was always warm and typically sunny…So we moved.

During Spring and Summer 2017 we had typical South Carolina weather: sunny and warm, then sunny and scorching. We expected that weather so no problem. Then December 2017 the weather took an unexpected turn: Cold. Like really cold. And now we have snow. And ice. In a state that has neither salt/brine supplies for its roads, nor snow removal equipment. Because it doesn’t freeze here. And it doesn’t snow here. Until we moved here.

This is my view today. The weather station reports accumulation of 1″-3″ by the time the storm moves on up the coast.

Say it isn’t SNOW!!

And when Hurricane Irma hit Bluffton, SC in fall 2017? We slapped on the storm shutters and hoped for the best. We were fortunate that our home didn’t sustain any damage:

Our South Carolina home button up for Hurricane Irma.

Prior to David Weekly completing our home, Hurricane Matthew hit in fall 2016. We were lucky the builder was able to close up the house, which prevented any water damage.

Don’t let anyone tell you global warming is fake news. It isn’t.

I have a shopping list ready for my next trip to New Jersey: 2 50-pound bags of salt and 1 snow shovel. I figure if I haul that stuff back I can single handedly prevent any future ice/snowfall in South Carolina. I’ll store them next to the generator we already shipped down from New Jersey. You know, just in case…

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