Operation ReloSouth: Lot Clearing & Dock Building in Hampton Lake, SC

SC Wish you were hereMy husband Mike and I were on the hunt — which I dubbed “Operation ReloSouth” — for the perfect location to build our retirement home. We found it — a no-snow, lower cost, more relaxed area of the country near water — in Hampton Lake SC. And this is our story.

We signed on the dotted line and David Weekley is building my husband Mike and I a new home in Hampton Lake, SC. This build is different from our previous two.

<deep breath>

We are far, far away from the build. We won’t be on site to monitor progress, trouble shoot or otherwise bother the builder make sure the build is going according to plan. We live in New Jersey. The build is in South Carolina. That’s 13 hours by car. We will rely on photographs, weekly conference calls and our new neighbors for reports and updates. The whole idea makes me itchy, but build we will!

We know the drill: You have to make space to site the house. And allow room for the construction supplies and equipment. This means lot clearing!

Video courtesy of Nancy Cantor.

Hampton Lake is the site of a former paper wood farm. That means the soft pine trees left on the property were grown in rigid rows and spaced closely together, not an ideal tree or configuration for a home landscape. The Hampton Lake Architectural Review Board advises builders in Hampton Lake about what trees must be saved and what trees can be removed. Guess what? I have three “must-save” trees in a rigid row in our soon-to-be backyard.  That’s one challenge for this N.J. Master Gardener.

Once the trees are cleared from the lot...

Once the trees are cleared from the lot…

Surprise!! We chose Alpha Marine to build our dock! And the dock must be built before the house. Harry and his crew at Alpha Marine need the open space to move their equipment and supplies in and out of the job site.

Before any building is started...

The dock will be built.

Scheduling is challenging in the Bluffton, SC area right now since building and the associated trades are booming. Fortunately for us, Harry Hussman and John, David Weekley’s super competent builder-on-site, communicated and coordinated very well.

May I present to you…Our Dock!

It’s a multi-step process:

Hampton Lake SC dock pilings in

Then it goes really quickly from that to …


And when we visited recently?

Gorgeous Trex dock built by Alpha Marine for us!

Gorgeous Trex dock built by Alpha Marine!

 Up Next: Operation ReloSouth: Raising a House Starts with a Foundation & Framing!  

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