Operation ReloSouth: Building a Dock in Hampton Lake SC

SC Wish you were hereMy husband Mike and I were on the hunt — which I dubbed “Operation ReloSouth” — for the perfect location to build our retirement home. We found it — a no-snow, lower cost, more relaxed area of the country near water — in Hampton Lake SC. And this is our story.

The day after our 36th wedding anniversary, Mike and I signed a contract with Weekley. They would build us a David Weekley Blue Point home. On our lot. Seriously, I can’t even believe I signed the papers. It’s not like we can move there now. And we’ve owned two homes at the same time before and it was nothing but a drag for me. I was always cleaning something, no matter which house we were living in. And I swore I’d never own two homes (with twice the upkeep) again. I think we’re crazy. Whatever. Talk with my husband…

Meanwhile, like even before we signed the contract to build the house, Mike was in communication with the two most-used, best lake dock builders in the area. Since we knew we would be building a dock in Hampton Lake SC, Mike called a couple of our soon-to-be neighbors and asked if we could look at their docks, hear their opinions of their dock builders and basically kick their dock’s tires. Our neighbors are the greatest! One offered up their all-wood dock for inspection, while another offered up their Trex-deck/wood underpinning dock.

The same day we signed our contract with Weekley we hustled over to look at our neighbors’ docks. Building a dock in Hampton Lake SC is serious business, friends! We examined both docks carefully, asking how it had been for them building a dock, weighing the lesser cost/more maintenance aspect of the natural all-wood dock versus the higher cost/no maintenance (and, we learned, cooler-under-the-feet) wood pilings/Trex surface dock.

This is the Trex decking.It comes in many colors.

This is the Trex decking.It comes in many colors.

We also kept in mind our immediate next-door neighbor’s request: They asked if we could tie into their dock so that we have one long seamless look from the lake side and less possibility of erosion in the future. That neighbor’s dock is made of wood.

This is the all-wood dock. We could stain it any color, but that's ongoing maintenance!

This is the all-wood dock. We could stain it any color, but that’s ongoing maintenance!

Ultimately, we thought the Trex-topped dock would be a good choice for us. We looked on line at the colors offered and saw one that we thought would blend nicely with our next-door neighbor’s natural wood decking. With the “building the dock” decision decided, I asked Mike if we could hang out at the pool the following day.

Mike had other ideas. Bright and early the next morning we met with Harry Hussmann, the owner of Alpha Marine LLC, so Harry could walk our lot with us, examine the shoreline and talk about options regarding the dock’s purpose, shape and configuration given the curve of our waterfront land. Harry also pointed out deck color samples of docks he completed in our Hampton Lake neighborhood. And he offered his expert opinion on the best configuration when building our dock. Harry is the bomb of dock builders…easy to talk with, full of great ideas and he has that Trex material sample just waiting in his back pocket for you!

Building of all sorts is booming in and around Hampton Lake S.C. Harry said that if we decided to build a dock with him that he’d be able to fit us in between larger jobs in Spring 2016. Given that the contract we signed with Weekley indicated a build start of April, Harry’s opening sounded ideal. But we would wait to receive his estimate before we decide.

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