Home Reno: Painting with Mike

Do you want to build a custom home? Do you want to renovate your existing home? My husband Mike and I have done both. 

building permitAre you planning a home renovation project? Our third-floor renovation project is just about finished! The next step is painting. And I know one of the best painters ever. My husband Mike!

Are you looking for a painter? Do yourself a favor and call his/her references before you decide. And ask to see the painter’s work. One sign of a good painter? The straightness of the paint line between the woodwork and the wall. Wavy or sloppy? Don’t hire him/her.

Another sign of a good painter? Ask the references how neat the painter was during the job. Sometimes a painter can lay an epically straight line, but they “splash” little specks of paint when they roll the walls. That’s a problem. So make sure to ask his/her references.

3rd fl reno paintingMy husband Mike and I are particular people. We expect that if we hire a professional that we get professional results. Over the years we’ve had some good painters pass through our homes. That said, Mike likes painting so if he has time he will do the painting. Mike is an orderly soul. So it never surprised me that he can lay one of the straightest, crispest lines of paint where the woodwork and walls meet. He doesn’t use painter’s tape. He uses a steady hand, something I don’t have.

It took longer for Mike to paint the entire third floor since he does have a day job that keeps him pretty busy. That said, we weren’t in a rush to complete the space so…

Mike began by sanding and priming all the ceilings, walls and trim.

3rd fl reno painting 2

Then he painted all the ceilings and walls.

3rd fl reno painting 3

Next Mike removed all the doors/hardware, sanded/primed the doors, painted them using two coats of paint and then rehung them.

3rd fl reno painting 4

And while Mike spent his nights and weekends sanding, priming and painting? Our cats…watched.

3rd fl reno painting 5

Up Next: The Big Reveal!

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