Home Reno: The New Bathroom

building permitDo you want to build a custom home? Do you want to renovate your existing home? My husband Mike and I have done both. 

Are you planning a home renovation project? Our third-floor renovation project included a new bathroom so I feel like we did two renovations — one of for the two bedrooms/common area and another for the new bathroom. Bathrooms take a whole different kind of planning what with choosing/buying the fixtures and the tile. I have to admit, though, I love me a great bathroom and I think our third-floor bath qualifies as great.

When you use a carpenter/general contractor like Jimmy you sometimes get a two-fer: he’s a great carpenter and he lays tile like a champ.

3rd fl reno bath 2I chose very traditional (for a Victorian home) fixtures for the new bathroom (see left). When we built our home yea 17 years ago, we had the plumbing for the bathroom roughed out. And we had the cast iron tub carried up and placed in the “bathroom.” That job took three strong men…grumbling the whole way! Because cast iron tubs weigh more than 300 pounds! Our plumber then is our plumber now. When Dave Ciccotti walked into our house for the reno the first thing he said was, “Thank god the tub is already up there. I’m not as young as I used to be!”

Dave did the original install of the plumbing so he made short work of attaching a main cutoff valve (NO water disasters, thank you very much) for both the plumbing and the humidifier for the third floor.

Then it was Jimmy’s turn. I chose a classic tiny black/gray tile accent for the shower surrounded by classic white subway tile.

3rd fl reno bath tub tile

And the floor? Mmmmm…I love the look of marble so that’s what he installed. Do you have a preferred flooring?

3rd fl reno bath floor

3rd fl reno bath towel barsWhat helps pull a bathroom together? A unified look: We used square lights, a square mirror (which I faux finished, but that’s another blog post!), square sink and toilet back, which is why we chose square trimmed towel bars and toilet paper holder.

3rd fl reno bath

Next Up: Painting with Mike


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  1. Starting our master bath renovation in May. Your post gives me courage!!!

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