Home Reno: When You Have Pets

building permitDo you want to build a custom home? Do you want to renovate your existing home? My husband Mike and I have done both. 

Are you planning a home renovation project? Make sure you have a plan to keep Puppy and Kitty safe. No contractor wants a beloved family pet hanging around his construction site. And no home owner wants their precious pet injured.

The Great Whites are the muscle.

The Great Whites are the muscle.

We have three lively indoor Siamese cats and they are nosy, extremely nosy. We knew we’d need to keep them safely tucked away when the contractors were coming and going. And we figured the zipper door would keep them out of the dusty mess called our third floor when the contractors weren’t here. HAH!

Our two Great Whites don’t like strangers in their domain. They growl like dogs when the doorbell rings.  Apollo circles and sniffs strangers like a pit bull on a mission. Odie turns tail and runs, often with lamps and other stuff crashing to the floor as he makes his escape. So we made solid plans to keep the cats out of harm’s way when the contractors were working.

The three cats lived in our home office, safely behind glass doors, when the contractors were buzzing in and out of our home. The cats had all the comforts of home — little box, water bowls, food bowls, kitty condo, toys — but they had to spend 8 hours behind closed doors.

Do you have cats? Do you have Siamese cats? Then you know that our cats, comfortable as they were, howled, whined, scratched and generally misbehaved for hours behind those glass doors. Our cats hate closed doors.

That said, our contractors loved the cats. I’m not kidding when I tell you that one sheet rocker spent part of his lunch break every day talking to our cats through the glass doors. And the cats talked back. Other workers would stop and greet the cats on their way upstairs to work. Every day. Who told me people prefer dogs to cats?!

Of course, once the workers left for the day, I released our three whiners from their cushy cell. And they immediately raced to the second floor. To the zipper door. The one that was supposed to keep the dust upstairs. And our cats downstairs. Yeah.

The cats unzipped the door in seconds and raced into the construction zone!

The cats unzipped the door in seconds and raced into the construction zone!

Animals are smart. Animals are persistent. Our two 14+pound Siamese are the muscle, while our 8 pound Siamese is the brains.

The first of our 3 cats!

The “brains” is first of our 3 cats through the zipper door on his way to dust and danger!

Together, those three got through the zipper door and upstairs into the dust and mess no problem.

I blocked the zipper door with a 12-pound weight bar. The cats rolled it aside.

I added two 15-pound free weights. And I tied one to the zipper tab.

42 pounds of weights and the cats were finally stymied!

42 pounds of weights and the cats were finally stymied!

That shut them down!

Anyway, moral of my tale? Keep your pets safe and your contractors happy: tuck your pets away from the mayhem and noise that is home reno.

Next Up: The Bathroom

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