Home Reno: Sheetrock Shenanigans

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Do you want to build a custom home? Do you want to renovate your existing home? My husband Mike and I have done both. 

To this point in our third-floor renovation everything that our contractor Jimmy said was 100% accurate. So why was I worried about the sheetrock delivery? Jimmy wasn’t.

Mmmm … Have you ever worried about something going horribly wrong during a home reno project? I was convinced that the sheetrock delivery would be a disaster. After all, how often have I had a HUGE boom truck loaded with dozens of sheets of sheetrock pull into my narrow driveway?

Is this sucker huge or what?!

Is this sucker huge or what?!

How often have we popped out a window “figuring” that HUGE sheetrock boards would fit through said window opening?

Gulp! See the driveway? See the truck? See the popped out 3rd floor window?

Gulp! See the driveway? See the truck? See the popped out 3rd floor window?

And how often have I seen hundreds of pounds of sheetrock dangle over my front porch?

Never! That’s how often.

A disaster. 

I was convinced that the huge and heavy delivery truck would crush the belgian block curbing along both sides of our driveway as it moved into position.

It didn’t. The driver and his helper from L&W Supply were ever-so-careful. I gave them a standing ovation!

And/or crack our driveway. It didn’t. God bless Lombardi Paving for a quality job!

I was convinced that the cabling on the boom would snap and sheetrock would crush our front porch roof. It didn’t. In fact, the slight breeze on the day of delivery made each load sway slightly, but the fellow operating the crane compensated for the wind!

I was convinced the sheetrock wouldn’t fit through the window.

It did. Once piece at a time…on the diagonal!

3rd floor reno sheetrock unloading

So guess what? I had THE MOST FUN watching the sheetrock delivery. And the men had fun watching me film them (permission granted). Cheer them on. And generally make lots of noise while they sweated.

3rd floor reno sheetrock team

Next Up: Home Reno: Sheetrock Installation


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