Home Reno: $5,200 to Re-Insulate & Pass Inspection

Do you want to build a custom home? Do you want to renovate your existing home? My husband Mike and I have done both. 

building permitRepeat after me: “Township inspectors help us get the best results for our $$. Inspectors help us create a safe environment for everyone.”

When our town’s building inspector told our contractor Jimmy that we had to replace ALL of the existing insulation in our third-floor home reno project because the installation wasn’t up to “code” I shook my head. No offense town inspectors, but over the years you’ve cost me more to “fix” code issues that I see “unfixed” in and around many, many other homes in my town. Yeah, I know I have to repair the things you point out because I am upgrading/keeping my home safe and I have you stop by to make sure things are being done properly. Yeah, I know others don’t always have you stop by when they’re having work done. But still…

What do you see around your town that inspectors should be insisting homeowners repair?

insulation deliveryHave you ever taken delivery of insulation? Enough to re-insulate an entire third floor? In our case, one guy from Eastern Insulation backed into our driveway with a large box truck. And he unloaded bundle after bundle of insulation onto our front porch. All by himself. He wanted to carry all the bundles to the third floor, but I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t want to have to call 911 after he blew out both knees and had a heart attack from carrying umpteen unwieldy bundles of insulation up 2 full flights of steps. I figured the actual install crew could share the burden of carrying those bundles upstairs.

insultaion on porch

This is only half of what was piled onto our porch!

If contractors tell me they’re going to be at the house at 8:30 I believe them: I am dressed and ready to let them in at 8:30. If, however, they say they’ll arrive at 8:30 and they  arrive at 7:15? Then I meet them at the front door in my infamous green trench coat, the stained one that has seen better days, the one I wear to spray paint old furniture, feed the birds, take out the trash. And said contractors get a direct dose of my famous stink eye, the one that makes teenagers shrink down to toddler size.

And that’s what happened the next morning: Before dawn cracked and the cats and I had eaten — the insulation crew arrived, smiling and ready to work. The lead guy got my stink eye. He stumbled back a half step into the guy behind him. And he muttered something uder his breath that I didn’t quite catch…

While I, trench coat flapping, attempted to capture our three growling cats and tuck them safely behind closed doors, the cheery workers hiked up to the third floor and got to work. They ripped out the old insulation, then unrolled and installed the new insulation. Quick, quiet and polite, the workers stuffed the old insulation in the large bags the new insulation arrived in and tossed the bags out the third floor window. A worker waiting in the driveway below then loaded those bags onto the same large box truck, which hauled it away.

One day. $5,200. A Mazing.

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