Home Reno: Installing New Hardwood Floors

Our Victorian-style home has undergone a number of alterations in the 16-plus years since we had it built. One of our latest projects — installing new hardwood floors in the family room — was one of the easiest. It helps that I have a contact list made up of businesses run by quality people. I dialed up Walsh Flooring, and within a couple of days, Joe, the owner of the company, showed up at my door to do a walk through/estimate.


Joe knows what looks great in your home. And how to transition from one wood floor to another without it looking “cheap.” He and his crew installed our original narrow plank hardwood 16 years ago throughout most of our first floor. We had him back to install hardwood when we upgraded our kitchen about two years ago. Our floors are white oak that is just sealed, not stained and then sealed. Joe suggested that we consider running the family room floor the opposite direction of the existing floor. And consider using a wider plank so the transition between rooms looked “intentional.”



I squinted at the two floors trying to “see” what Joe saw. Meanwhile, Joe measured. I quickly realized Joe was right. The floor boards going the opposite direction and about double the width of the original boards is a genius idea!

Have you ever had floors installed? It’s noisier than you might expect, especially since the pounding has to go on for hours and hours on end! But the process is not as dusty as it once was. The vacuums attached to the machines now are so much better than those “back in the day.”




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  1. We have wood floors throughout our house in two different colors; downstairs is a medium maple color and the stairs and upstairs is a dark mocha.

    I love them but the darker the wood, the harder the upkeep with dogs. Their claw scratches show more and the hair they shed is more obvious.

    Originally, we wanted dark wood throughout the house and I am SO grateful to the guy at the hardwood store who suggested that with multiple dogs in the home (we now have three) we go with a lighter shade downstairs. It hides a host of flaws…which our family has in spades!

    • Julie,
      Thanks for the input. And I’m glad you took the hardware store’s advice!

      I can already see that our two huge white cats love the dark floors…They stage midnight fights on the dark floors. In the morning? I am vacuuming up clumps of white cat hair. It contrasts verrrry nicely with the dark floors!

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