InStyle Magazine’s Summer Social, A Can’t Miss for Me

My fave beauty and fashion magazine.

My fave beauty and fashion magazine.

Tomorrow evening I am attending an event I’ve been looking forward to for weeks: InStyle magazine‘s Summer Social, organized by Single Edition Media. InStyle is, hand’s down, my favorite beauty and fashion magazine.

Over the years, I’ve shared many articles and products with you that I first read about in InStyle. And although I’m not in InStyle’s target audience (median age 38!), I am a subscriber who consistently gets fashion and beauty takeaways from my monthly fix. To me, that’s the beauty of well-written and well-researched content: I read it and come away with a nugget (or 10) of information that speaks to me. Makes my life just that much better.

Do you feel that way about any magazine you read regularly?

In addition to a bit of pampering by InStyle, a number of other brands will be present and I’m curious to see what they have to show me. Some — like Essie, Sally Hansen and Sun Chips — are long-time fave brands of mine so you can imagine how excited I am to see if they are introducing any new products that I can share with you. My love affair with Sally Hansen spans decades. It started with the company’s original Hard as Nails polish. And Essie nail polishes? They come in some of the most flattering shades for my skin tone.

In addition, I’ll have a chance to learn more about brands I’m not yet familiar with —  Brancott Estate, a New Zealand vintner, will be there. You know I love wine  so that company and me? A perfect match!

Peony is a new-to-me company that sells feminine, yet edgy clothing for active lifestyle women. On the company’s website, I saw a black tank with chiffon detailing that I covet!

Other companies I want to check out include Nicole Benisti, a luxury fashion brand from Canada (check out the gorgeous collar on this coat!), Think Thin and Gardein.

Are you devoted to any of these brands? Is there anything you want me to research for you while I’m at the event? Let me know.

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3 Responses to InStyle Magazine’s Summer Social, A Can’t Miss for Me

  1. What a fun event. Sounds like a great time and a chance to meet new people, try new products and get a sense of the fall and winter trends. I discovered Brancott Estate winery over a year ago, just by chance. I picked up a bottle of their sauvignon blanc and was wowed by the clean, fresh, crisp, mouthfilling fruit. I ended up buying a case of it and turning other friends on to it as well. If they are hosting a tasting at this event, I highly recommend that you give their wine a try. I can attest to its quality. I’d love to know what you think. Please fill us, your devoted blogosphere 🙂 on what you see and hear about at this fun event.

    • Fran, you are absolutely correct — I love meeting new people at these sorts of events! And it sounds like Brancott Wine has a winner, at least its sauvignon blanc. I will definitely line up for a sample if they are hosting a tasting tonight. And I will let you now how it goes. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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