DIY: Painting Concrete

repainting concrete 1 Adventures of a Middle Age MomTo the left is a photo of an old concrete wall sconce in original condition. I wanted to repaint it, but I’m not a painter in the artsy, beautiful sense of painting. That said, I did it. And you can too.

First, dust and wash your object. Let it dry thoroughly.

Second, “paint out” the old details using a light-colored paint to give yourself a fresh surface.

repainting concrete 2 Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

Third, use paints appropriate for your surface. On concrete, you can use concrete-specific stains as I did to give overall one-color “age” to an earlier project or acrylic paints as long as you seal the surface when you’re finished.

For this project, I used acrylic paints, brushes and paper towels to brush, daub and smear colors onto the different fruits, leaves, ribbon and basket on this sconce.

repainting concrete 3 Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

Fourth, I wanted to soften the bright paint to make the object look older-ish so I “aged” the entire surface using very thinned down (with water) black paint in the creases. Zoom in and take a look. You can also lightly “smear and wipe” the thinned black across the entire surface to make the object look even “older.”

repainting concrete 4 Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

Can you add any helpful hints about painting concrete?

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