Not Too Shabby: How to Turn a Tweet into a Store Visit

DIY lamp from Adventures of a Middle Age Mom blogRecently I posted this photo (left) to Twitter. It is a lamp that I bought at Goodwill for $5, then I repainted and rewired it. I’ve been on a real do-it-yourself (DIY) project bender, mostly lamps over the past few months.

Normally I post a photo and comment to Twitter and it goes the way of most Tweets: into the ether. But this one garnered a comment. From the owner of a store called Not Too Shabby. She inquired about my DIY habit and we had a great conversation. On Twitter. As a small business owner, she impressed me. She looked for hashtags that align with her business (Mine did.). She sought a person who lives within visiting distance of her store (I do.).  She commented on my Tweet. And kept a conversation going (Which delighted me.). Then she invited me to visit her business, which is within an easy drive of my Northern NJ home. A few days later I showed up at Not Too Shabby. And I was impressed!

The store front is inviting.

Not Too Shabby from Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

The rescued vanities, nightstands, tables and mirrors (oh! the mirrors) have been delightfully reimagined. Some are repainted with latex paint and others in chalk paint. Some are distressed, while others? Not so much.

Not Too Shabby 4 from Adventures of a Middle Age Mom blog

And check out the beautiful selection of knobs for sale!

Not Too Shabby 3 from Adventures of a Middle Age Mom blog

And did I mention the upholstered chairs, sofa and footstools? Her fabric choices are spot-on, in my opinion!

Just think! If Not Too Shabby hadn’t reached out and commented on my Tweet, I would have never visited the store!

So do you own a business? Do you reach out on Twitter to build your client base?

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