Throwback Thursday: Fingernails Fashion

Once I discovered nail polish in middle school in the 1970s, I never looked back. Fingernails fashion all the way. My Mom had a hard time keeping cotton balls and polish remover in stock because I did my own nails. Every night. I rocked every color: yellow, lime green, orange and blood red nails. Whatever the color of my outfit, my nails matched. Yeah. I had zero social life. Didn’t you?

Fast forward through high school, which was a blur of fingernails fashion fun and good times to match. Then on to college, where I majored in English and minored in manicure and fingernails fashion. Thanks to my freshman-year roommate, I learned to fix a cracked fingernail by placing a square of the tissue-y paper tea bags are made of over the crack, then “gluing” it in place with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strength 2103 Clear Nail Color. Remember, friends, this was back in the Stone Age. Wait for it … Nail glue wasn’t invented yet!

In the 1980s, I joined the professional workforce. At my first two “real” jobs in the publishing industry, I saw many unpolished, unkempt nails. No fingernails fashion at these offices. It was all I could do not to gag when someone handed me work and I noticed crud under their fingernails. Bleech.

Thankfully, within a couple of years I got a job at an investment bank, where what you wore was almost more important than how much money you made (and fingernails fashion was paramount). When I started there, I still did my own nails, but I quickly learned that virtually every female staff member got a weekly manicure.

At that point? I turned my digits over to the professionals. Under their tender care I grew these:

1988 fingernails Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

Alas, fashion changed and so did nail length. I no longer rock the longest nails. But now I can garden without fear of having to bust out a tea bag and my Hard as Nails!

2015 fingernails Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

 And you? What was your fingernails fashion?


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