The Furminator for Cats: The Woman. The Tool.

The two Great Whites often gang up on their older, but much small brother Brutus.

Look at that thick glossy fur on the two “Great Whites.”

Twice a year the inside of our home looks like the aftermath of a Nor’easter. Why? We own three cats, 1 Siamese and 2, ummm, faux Siamese. The Great Whites , as we fondly call them, shed when they’re happy. They shed when they’re nervous. Hell, they shed when they’re sleeping on my lap! The amount of cat fur that floats and rolls throughout our home isn’t what I signed up for when we rescued our two little fur babies. You see, in our experience, real Siamese barely shed.

In self defense, I became The Furminator: I vacuum so often that my vacuum has developed a wheeze. I buy so many bundles of Evercare Fur Erase Extra Sticky Lint Roller & Brush that Amazon has taken to mailing me refills on a regular schedule. I work hard to de-fur our belongings. To no avail. Our furniture glows an eerie white. Guard hairs stick out of our sofa cushions like so many porcupine quills. I can’t keep up.

Having only owned pure-bred Siamese cats and only two at a time at that, our home reached a tipping point of sorts when the Great Whites reached adulthood. One Spring morning I walked into the kitchen and saw heaps of cat fur piled up on the floor. I figured the Great Whites fought in the night and ripped each other bald. But no! Two fully furred cats stared at me from the kitchen counter. That’s when I realized that the Great Whites shed like dogs.

I don’t care what science and Google tell me, the Great Whites blow their coats. In Spring and Fall I vacuum every morning and by afternoon? White fur floats lazily through the air in the house like so many feathers. The sofa is covered in a luxe white fur coat that will cling like a burr to any unsuspecting butt that happens to sit down.

I despaired of ever getting a handle on the fur. The shedding. The mess of it all. I spoke to many people about the massive shedding, but no one offered any useful advice. Until. Until I called my sister-in-law Judy. For many years she had a long-haired cat named Ben. And she had a rescue cat with lots of fur. Judy is logical. Judy is thorough and methodical when it comes to problem solving. I trust her. She suggested perhaps we could shave the Great Whites like she used to shave Ben. I paused at the thought of our two cats shaved to look like lions. And laughed.

“Don’t you have anything more,” I asked.

“The Furminator,” she replied.

I bought it.

Can you say, Game Changer? Now I furminate the Great Whites regularly. The Furminator keeps the worst of the shedding under control. Yes, I still vacuum a lot. And yes, you can still get a nice butt-full of white fur if you sit on our family room sofa before I’ve had a chance to use the “lint” roller, but still…

What I Furminated off of Apollo and Odie in one sitting.

What I furminated off of Apollo and Odie in one sitting.

What’s your best tip for managing your shedding pet? 

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2 Responses to The Furminator for Cats: The Woman. The Tool.

  1. Haralee says:

    Too Funny!!! I only have 1 great white and 1 Siamese maybe mix. They don’t like the ruminator so I just vacuum.

  2. Grace Hodgin says:

    I decided to be proactive rather than reactive when I learned my son and his cat would be us for a period of time. I admit that I was happy in my selfish middle age life of not having to care for pets any longer. I agreed the cat could stay too but bought one of those fine metal toothed brushes and made a promise to myself to brush the cat one to two times a day. So far I have noticed no fur on clothing or furniture. The cat seems to enjoy it and if I could train him to fetch his brush then it would be twice as nice with smaller amount of effort that would not disrupt my selfish middle age lifestyle.

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