Richard Walker Pancake House, My Breakfast Dream Come True

Richard Walker San DiegoMy husband Mike travels a fair amount for business. And now that our kids are grown and can hold down the home fort and three cats (and shovel what seems like endless inches of snow) with both hands tied behind their backs, I am free to travel with Mike. One of my favorite places to visit is San Diego, California. Now you might think that I love to visit because it’s a mosquito-free environment so I don’t have to douse myself in bug spray to explore the city. Or because the weather is always temperate and pleasant so I don’t have to wear a down coat, hat and gloves when I go outside. And you would be correct. But the secret reason I love to visit? It’s to eat at Richard Walker.

Richard Walker Pancake House is one of those places that creates magical, decadent breakfast foods. You know, Dutch bunnies, buttermilk pancakes, crepes … all filled with the sweetest and finest ingredients, which you can then douse with 100% maple syrup. Of course, you could also order one of the restaurant’s many tasty omelets, egg combos or a myriad of other less-caloric offerings, but why? When you can inhale a scrumptious plate of sweet?

Buttermilk pecan pancakes. With warm maple syrup.

Buttermilk pecan pancakes. With warm maple syrup. My breakfast.

Mike and I run miles, many miles — he along the well-maintained paths and streets of San Diego and me on a well-maintained treadmill in the Omni Hotel gym — then we stroll on over to Richard Walker Pancake House for breakfast. Sure, we always stand in line, but the line forms outside in the sunshine and people are friendly so what’s the big deal, right? Especially since we already know what’s on the menu. One of us has basically memorized the menu, but I’m not telling you which one of us.

Once we sit down? Service is swift, friendly and often. The place is well run, clean and smells a little sweet, kinda like my Great Aunt Lilly who baked all the time. And the most scrumptious breakfast treats on the planet float out of the kitchen and onto our table. And then into our tummies.

Killer Crepe. Chocolate explosion. Mike's breakfast.

Killer Crepe. Chocolate explosion. Mike’s breakfast.

Are you a sweet breakfast lover? Have you eaten at a Richard Walker?

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2 Responses to Richard Walker Pancake House, My Breakfast Dream Come True

  1. Lisa Tognola says:

    I’d run miles too if those crepes were the dangling carrot! OMG!

    • Lisa,
      That place is delicious AND lethal to my healthy way of eating. It’s like the menu is a siren’s call to sugar. That said, I know Mike ate a shit-ton more calories that me! Hah!

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