When Cats Attack: Tiny Christmas Tree 0; Cats 5



This Christmas our tree was much smaller than usual. 18 inches tall (or short), to be precise. It didn’t take me long to decorate the tiny tree with small sparkly red and green balls. And I have to admit, it took even less time for the two blonde Siamese in our home to UN-decorate that tiny tree. Repeatedly. When cats attack nothing is safe.



When cats own you, you quickly realize that every new item that comes into the house has to be inspected, sniffed and cat tested. Our tiny tree was another example of when cats attack cat testing at its best.

Christmas tree ball on floor Darlene SnedenI’m not a poet by any stretch, but I was moved to write a poem — okay, it was 3 am and I couldn’t sleep — after watching our cats attack our tiny tree:

Tossed tree.

Rolling ornaments.

                                 Missing cats.

                                      Angry they didn’t see a present under the tree for them?

                                 Or simply bored?

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