Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel

My latest essay, “Help with the Laundry,” appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel: 101 Miraculous Stories of Faith, Divine Intervention, and Answered Prayers. It’s a true story about a locked laundry room, missing quarters and a stranger. I can’t make this stuff up … well, I guess I could, but why would I when it happened for real?! It’s a head scratcher, and the only angel I know who would pull a stunt like this would be my Dad. He knows how much I love a mystery!

Many of you know that my Dad passed away a number of years ago. My sisters, Mom and I still miss him every day. He was the quiet center, the touchstone, of our family. My Dad collected coins from the time I was a little girl. Mostly pennies. I used to help him read the dates off the pennies he received as change when we went shopping together. We found many a “keeper” over the years. After Dad died my sisters found pennies in the most unlikely of places, where pennies shouldn’t be found. But I didn’t. I never found one cent! I was so sad that our Dad wasn’t clear and present in my life.

Sometimes I don’t pay attention or I don’t see things that seem obvious to other people. I’m still naive in some ways and I don’t always “get it,” whatever the “it” is. My Dad knew that about me. So I figure that when I was locked in that laundry room mere miles from where he was raised in Pennsylvania he decided to make it obvious to me that he was always with me.

You might want to read it. It’s quite the story.

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  1. Lisa Tognola says:

    Congratulations, Darlene! How lovely and special that your touching story was published!

  2. Marjorie R. says:

    Sounds like a wonderful read. Congrats on being published.

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