Cleaning Like a Pro … Football Player

Vinegar & Water: Safe, environmentally friendly and TOUGH on dirt and germs!

Vinegar & Water: Safe, environmentally friendly and TOUGH on dirt and germs!

My Mom is coming for a visit coinciding with the start of football season. She has her preferences — and just like daughters everywhere I try to honor her and them. My Mom said she wants to sleep in my daughter Tory’s bedroom during her visit. That’s the bedroom our three cats adore. They hang out on the bed. They roll around on the floor. They lounge in the open windows. They shed. Did I mention that my Mom is allergic to cats? This called for me to clean that bedroom like a pro.

I needed to deep clean my daughter’s room. Me and my team. Then I need ed to hermetically seal it until my Mom arrives.

dusting Adventures of a Middle Age Mom blogCleaning like a pro isn’t for weak or lazy. I didn’t tackle the deep cleaning of Tory’s room alone. Oh, no. It takes a bunch of skilled players to turn dust into dazzling.  I started the blitz with my trusty wall brush. Its extended reach outshines former Tennessee Volunteers defensive lineman Daniel McCullers’ almost 37 inches. Dust motes danced through the air as we made forward progress on the ceiling fan, crown molding and walls.

Then I pulled out my vinegar & water squirt gun, the cleaning equivalent of the Steelers Steel Curtain, Nothing got by the greatest defense in pro football and no gunk remained after my vinegar & water combo skated across surfaces.

My vacuum, like former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, is the best of the best. My Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
inhales cat hairs and exhales kittens. Seriously, by the time I emptied the dirt cup I had enough hair to  outfit a six-month-old kitten.

Dyson Adventures of a Middle Age Mom blog

By the time I finished vacuuming, the goal was in sight. I advanced toward the uprights with Q-tips in hand. They are my go-to tools for corners. Q-tips perform like Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka. I clinched the game with seconds left on the clock.  

Who helps you when you’re in the cleaning clinch?

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