Mother’s Day: A Perfect Blend of Food, Family and Used Car Stories

Mother's Day yellow roses in vaseOn Mother’s Day our two twenty-something children descended on the family home with fistfuls of lovely yellow roses and grocery bags filled with the makings of some really good eats. And the New Jersey “spring” cooperated and gave us a perfect sunny day with light breezes so we could hang around the patio table long after the food was eaten. Do you and yours hang out together chatting around the table like we do?

My daughter Victoria did the cooking, mostly Weight Watchers friendly with lower/no fat options, bless her heart: mozzarella appetizer, arugula salad, Greek-style frittata, fried potatoes and Greek yogurt and fresh berry parfaits for dessert. My son Max, who brought his girlfriend Kelly, rustled up the patio umbrella, braved the local flower shop for the roses, ran out to get more eggs for his sister and opened the champagne.

The best Mother’s Day conversation centered around Max’s latest car purchase. After some initial internet research to narrow down the selections, Max, Kelly and my husband Mike spent Saturday afternoon visiting used car dealerships to find Max a car. In true Sneden Family fashion, the trio visited every car dealership in Northern New Jersey. They saw cars with completely faded paint jobs, cars with dents and scrapes down both sides that look like they (barely) survived a squeeze play on the Garden State, cars with completely broken fender clips (front and back) courtesy of Jersey residents’ parking lot etiquette.

Use Car Toyota CorollaBut the Sneden men and their faithful sidekick pressed on. Dealership to dealership, they traveled, until they found the cherry red Corolla. Mike swore he heard angels sing when they saw the car for the first time. It was a classic cream puff: low miles and minimal body damage since it had been driven by its original owner, a little old lady/man from Wycoff, who had their groceries home delivered, didn’t shop at malls and never had a passenger sit in the back seat. But the price was higher than Max wanted to pay. That’s when Mike the Negotiator stepped forward: My husband has a mind like a calculator, a superior grasp of the art of negotiation and the patience of a saint. After what Max said seemed like hours, a deal was reached. And Max drove Cherry off the lot.

Used car Subaru

Non-dented side of the Subaru. Dog hair hidden inside.

Back Story: Max is hard on vehicles. He totaled an old Ford Explorer as a senior in high school. Then he bought his own car, a used Subaru, which was crusted in hunting dog hair and had stapled-together seatbelts. The Subaru was a money pit that he drove through college. Until it basically had an engine meltdown. That’s when he purchased a used Jeep from a friend. The Jeep had been in an accident but was put back together pretty well, according to Max. He tooled around in the Jeep basically trouble free until a few weeks ago. When it blew up a mile or so from Max’s job.

Let’s hope Cherry and Max have a long and trouble-free relationship.

P.S. Victoria wrote a lovely Mother’s Day tribute on her blog. If you’d like to give it a read (and you don’t mind a little salty language), click here.

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5 Responses to Mother’s Day: A Perfect Blend of Food, Family and Used Car Stories

  1. Linda Grayson says:

    Sounds like you had a great day! Tory’s recounting of your catch phrases recalled some classics for me: “go play in traffic” was something my father always said and “wear clean underwear” was my grandmother’s gem. Not sure I’ve done as good a job of passing them on to my kids as you apparently have.

    • Linda, some of the phrases and sayings I heard growing up are like ear worms…I can’t get them out of my head. I think it’s a hoot when I hear one of my kids say them! Hope you are managing well.

  2. kim tackett says:

    Hi there, new reader from WOM. Love both of these (yours and your daughters). I’m a retired softball mom too…and also believe in the power of a little salty language. Have a great day.

    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks for stopping by for a read. I love to meet other retired softballs Moms; we are a special bunch and we have special relationships with our daughters. Such a gift!

  3. Lisa Tognola says:

    Sounds like a wonderful, fun filled mother’s day with your family. What more could a mother want!

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