Dress Code: No More Panty Hose

Now I use Sally Hansen Airbrush for good looking legs without the binding.

Now I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup for Fair Skin Tones — 4.4 fl oz for good looking legs without the binding.

For many years I suited up and commuted into New York City to work as a financial editor. After almost two decades, it got so I hated putting on my suit. And panty hose and pumps. To sit on my butt in my office, pretty much sight unseen, to edit for 8-10 hours a day, on average. Yes, my company had a dress code and I was required to follow it. Or suffer the consequences.

Times change so I need to ask: Have you ever worn panty hose and a suit to work? Have you ever put on a pair of panty hose  and they somehow got “twisted” in the process? It happened to me about once a week during my time working in New York. I would try to ignore the binding numbness that crept from my thigh down my leg toward my ankle as I edited. After all, a half dozen professionals were breathing down my neck at any given time asking me what was taking me so long to edit their prose into coherent, company-acceptable text for clients to read. Eventually, though, the numbness got so bad that I thought I’d lose my leg if I didn’t peel the panty hose out from the fold of my flesh. That’s when I would rush to the women’s room to peel the offending panty hose off, give them a good shake and inch them back on into what I prayed was a more comfortable position.

Fast forward. Manhattan is in my rear view mirror. I work from home now. I don’t put on panty hose or a suit before I walk into my office to write. My legs don’t go numb even though I still sit for many hours on end in the same position. Because I don’t wear panty hose to work anymore. It’s blissful.

But the best part? The very best part is that I can (and do) wear anything I wanted to work. I don’t have a company dress code! So okay, sometimes I have to duck under my desk and pretend I’m invisible when the UPS man delivers a package — I don’t want him to look through the window of my home office and see me dressed as I am — but other than that? I’m comfortable. Very, very comfortable. And I think that being comfortable makes me more creative (when I’m not haunted by writer’s block).

So, yes, I work from home. And this is what I wear. In the winter. I do, of course, have a summer “uniform,” but it seems inappropriate to share that outfit on this family friendly web site.

Winter work clothes. Flannel is good. Nick & Nora PJs are the best.

Winter work clothes. Nick & Nora flannel PJs are the best.

Do you work from home? I dare you (no, I double dare you) to send me a photo of your work uniform.


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9 Responses to Dress Code: No More Panty Hose

  1. Carole says:

    you are one brave woman!! You look terrific!! I too am “working” this morning in my “go to bed” outfit but no way is there a camera coming anywhere near me!!

  2. lol. I wear a lot of pj’s too. And, I’ve absolutely hidden from the UPS man. In fact, I hid from a Jehovah’s Witness today. 🙂


  3. Amy Simonson says:

    I haven’t worn pantyhose in years, but I’ve never heard of this Sally Hansen leg makeup! I’ll check it out, for sure! I do, however, look quite similar to you when I’m writing. Love those pjs!

    Would you have any interest in me tagging you for a blog hop? Amy Reade tagged me and I don’t have anyone to tag. No worries if you say no, just thought I’d ask.

    • Amy,
      Thanks for stopping by. I love that Sally Hansen “tan.” It’s certainly cooler than the alternative — pantyhose.

      I’ll reply back channel re the blog hop.

  4. Lisa Tognola says:

    I don’t know who invented pantyhose, but I’m guessing it wasn’t a woman!

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