Cool, Hip & Happening: Emoticons in Text Messages

It's easy. It's silly!

It’s easy. It’s silly!

Emoticons are little pictographs that you can insert into a text message to help describe how you’re feeling or to convey a message with more feeling than by using just words. My girlfriend Peggy started using emoticons in  text messages to me in 2012. It is fun to get messages from her with birthday horns blowing, smiley faces and other little figures that express how she’s feeling. My daughter Tory has used emoticons in text messages since practically before they were invented; she’s cutting edge like that. Half the time I howl with laughter at the expressive little figures Tory includes in her texts…after I get out my magnifying glass to be sure I know what it is I’m seeing. The variety of grouchy/laughing/loving/crying faces that Tory sends me to help describe how she feels about life events are hysterical.

I  always thought I’d figure out how to add emoticons to my text messages “some day.” Well, guess what? “Some day” was last week! Since I was sitting around fretting about the next snowstorm that was due to blow in I couldn’t concentrate on creative writing. And I saw instructions on line for how to add the Emoji emoticon keyboard to my i-phone “quickly and easily.” I followed the instructions and — ta da — I did it. Of course I wanted to send someone a text message to try out my newfound way of expressing myself. Who do you think I texted? Tory!! And this is what transpired:

Tory's replies are the ones in case you couldn't guess!

Tory’s replies are the ones in blue…in case you couldn’t guess!

Have you ever seen a pile of poop used quite so lovingly? Do you use emoticons to express yourself?


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