Snow Rollers in Northern New Jersey

2 2014 snowstorm Montclair NJHave you ever heard of snow rollers? My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Chester live in Ohio; for the first time ever, they had snow rollers in their yard after a snowstorm. My Aunt said it took them a little bit to figure out how snowballs had gotten nto their back yard when they didn’t see signs of footprints of the people who rolled them.

Snow rollers aren’t common at all. Yet my girlfriend Julie, who lives in a different section of Ohio, saw them at her house too. Here in Northern New Jersey, we don’t have the wide open spaces and snow conditions that create snow rollers…until our last snowstorm! When I walked out onto our front porch to begin shoveling  I saw these!

Yes! Snow rollers on my northern New Jersey front porch!

Yes! Snow rollers on my northern New Jersey front porch!

They may be small, but they are snow rollers! Look at the little comet-tail trails they leave as the wind rolls the loose snow over the icy base snow. Pretty cool, huh? I was so excited to see them that I coerced my 8-year-old next-door neighbor to wade through the 18″-plus deep snow  so I could show them to him. And talk about the phenomenon with him. Yes, I was home alone. No, I don’t get to talk (out loud) nearly enough.

We are on the lookout for yet-another snowstorm this week. And do you know what I’ll do first thing when I walk out onto my front porch? Even before I pick up my shovel? I’ll  look for more snow rollers.

How about you? Have you ever seen snow rollers in real life?

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  1. shirley hampton says:

    Great fun in a storm. hope this doesn’t be come a habit!!

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