Football Today!

Big football games today. Two of my favorite quarterbacks are playing so I’m looking forward to the games. First up? I want the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning to roll over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I want to watch another Manning play in the Super Bowl. I like the Patriots head coach (what’s not to like about a guy who wears a slouchy hoody instead of a hat to work?!) just fine, but Tom Brady? Not so much.

And the second game? The San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick for the win!  Some people call Kaepernick cocky, but I love to watch him throw. And run. What’s not to like? And 49ers Coach Harbaugh catches my eye all the time. He looks like a crazy man when he’s coaching the sidelines.  And the opposing team? I can’t even remember who the other team is. They aren’t on my radar at all.

And, of course, I’ll be making food for the games: healthy nachos, classic deviled eggs, sautéed scallops, my famous hot wings and my favorite football food of all now: spicy baked cauliflower.

Who are you rooting for today? And even more important…what are you making to eat?

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2 Responses to Football Today!

  1. Hi Darlene– I bet you would be the most fun person to watch a football game with!

    • Fran,
      What a lovely compliment! Thank you!!

      I do get excited, especially now that I know more about football! I’m hoping for exciting games today. I hope I don’t whoop the roof of our house askew!

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