Mirrors: Giving New Life to Old Things

We are renovating/sprucing up our 13-year-old Victorian-style home. I think layering old things and new things gives our home a lived-in yet beautiful vibe. That’s one reason why I thrift: to find old items that I can use as is or spruce up for a little money; they are typically the items that friends and family notice when they visit!  I blend thrifted items with newly-purchased items to make a comfortable (and affordable) design. I love to give new life to old things, and I have a ton of fun in the process. I am the queen of spray paint. My latest project involved two mirrors that started life as picture frames.

old picture framesI bought the frames at Goodwill for super cheap. It’s all about timing at our local Goodwill Stores. I visit often because the “good stuff” gets snatched up fast.

Then I bought two cans of spray paint, each cost less than $7 — oil-rubbed bronze for our downstairs half bath and hammered silver for a full bath upstairs.

I set up my “workroom” outside on the driveway and sprayed away.

The bookends were a super-great find...and are a birthday gift for a special someone!

The bookends,  a super-great find, are a birthday gift for a special someone! They now have an oil-rubbed bronze finish, quite manly!

oil-rubbed bronze mirror, close-upNext I called around and found the best price for glass for the oil-rubbed bronze frame.  I had the glass company recut a chipped mirror I already owned to insert in the hammered-silver frame.

Look at the depth of the finish. I am really in love with this frame now!

Look at the depth of the finish. I am really in love with this frame now!

The oiled-bronze finish  compliments the new (remnant; also value priced!) marble vanity top, which we had laid on top of the antique server base we’ve had forever. The mirror matches the new faucet and towel rack perfectly! The only remaining item needed for the half bath is a striking piece of art. I’m thinking of framing a photo I took of the Great Falls in Paterson, N.J., a stone’s throw from our home, and hanging it over the toilet, opposite the new mirror.

See how nicely the oil-rubbed bronze finished mirror blends with the new marble countertop and bronze fixtures?

See how  the oil-rubbed bronze finished mirror blends with the new marble countertop and bronze fixtures? P.S. I also spray painted the tissue box cover!

In the upstairs bath all of the existing fixtures are in a shiny chrome. I didn’t want that shiny a finish on the mirror so I took a chnce and finished the upstairs bath mirror in a hammered silver finish. I think it blends nicely with the fixtures, but doesn’t look “cheap.” What do you think? Next up for that bath is repainting the walls white, adding a new window treatment and shower curtain. And art, likely on the wall across from the shower.

Look at how much texture the spray paint added to the frame!

Look at how much texture the spray paint added to the frame!

Do you use spray paint for do-it-yourself projects? Have you made old items look new again with a simple coat of spray paint? It’s a great way to keep “junk” out of the landfills AND made something beautiful for your home.


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18 Responses to Mirrors: Giving New Life to Old Things

  1. Grace Hodgin says:

    It always amazes me what a difference is made by some simple yet elegant touches. Love your mirror! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Barb W. says:

    I think they both look fabulous! Love re-purposing items and giving them new life. This is very inspiring!

  3. Daisy says:

    I love that mirror above your sink – very pretty! I should try this in our house.

  4. I love your baths! I want to get busy with my baths and you’ve got me thinking I may be able to breath new life into our old light fixture by spray painting it.

    • You know, I’ve spray painted many light fixtures over the years. I disconnect them, tape up the “important electrical bits, then spray away. I’ve never had a bad looking one at the end. Try it!

  5. Very nice job. You’re right about Goodwill. Frequent trips are key. It’s always nice when you get to come with a treasure or two.

  6. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I am so impressed! The mirrors look fabulous. Do you make house calls by any chance? 😉

  7. Carlee C says:

    Great finds! I love shopping thrifts, I just wish I had more time to do it. It is actually extremely relaxing if I can go by myself. The same goes for garage sales. 🙂

  8. I love antique mirrors and I can’t wait to buy some to put up when I renovate my living room hopefully by the beginning of next year.

  9. Amy Simonson says:

    Looks nice! My parents just closed their antique shop in Somerville after 21 years in business, so I get the combining the old with the new. We’ve done that our whole lives. And I like the idea of keeping “junk” out of the landfills by finding new uses for it! I’d never considered that aspect of thrifting and antiquing.

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