Another Weekend, Another Cool Manicure: Ombre, The New Black

The New Black Ombre polishYes, I do love to polish my nails. I polished them every night when I was in middle school and high school. During college, young adulthood, and the heavy lifting parenting years? Not so much. During those decades I wasn’t about to lose a precious moment of sleep just so I could have well-kept nails. But now? I think I have come full circle. Empty nest = more time for me. I’ve begun doing my nails again!

Some of the new polish ideas, like the one I showed you last weekend, are trendy and fun. I love this new one:

ombre nails

It’s called Ombre.

Would you rock an ombre manicure? It comes in other colors too.

P.S. I am dying to try Typography; it tickles the writer in me!

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4 Responses to Another Weekend, Another Cool Manicure: Ombre, The New Black

  1. Loryl says:

    I love this style. I love even more that the package is by the belly of a kitty! Have you seen the Sally Hansen Salon Effects?

    • Yes, that white belly belongs to one of my adopted “Great Whites.” They get peeved when I pay attention to anyone/anything other than them!

      I have checked out the Sally Hansen line; very cool looks! And I am a long-time believer in the company;s original clear Hard as Nails. I attribute my nails’ rock-like strength to having used the product since high school!

  2. I always admire other people’s nails, but I honestly just don’t put the time into mine. I hate that I paint them and two days later, they are a chipped wreck. One day I’ll take better care of them, or maybe I’ll just go for manicures. That sounds even better! For now, though, I’ll admire your fun looks!

    • Perhaps you are just in the phase of your life that requires more hands-on work so your nails take a back seat to the more important stuff? You have been a DIY-er for years! And I am grateful that you stop by to admire my handiwork!!

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