Key West: Tasty Buffalo Shrimp at Alonzo’s Oyster Bar

My husband Mike and I ate very well when we were in Key West. I branched out from the Hog’s Breath garlic shrimp dip! We revisited the fabulous 7 Fish. I ate sausage gravy and homemade biscuits at Pepe’s (which, I must admit, merited a return trip for an incredible breakfast omelet special later in the week). We had a forgettable meal at Kelly’s.

Alonzo's Oyster Bar Key WestAnd we ate at the bar at Alonzo’s. “Why Alonzo’s?” you ask. Well, when we went on the Dolphin Safari, Captain Kenny mentioned that the best buffalo shrimp in Key West was at Alonzo’s. Mike and I never tasted buffalo shrimp (although I make what people say are terrific buffalo wings). End result? We tried the buffalo shrimp at Alonzo’s … and ended up ordering three plates full during two different visits. Yes, we liked them that much!

buffalo shrimp Alonzo's Oyster Bar Key West

southern fried fish fingers Alonzo's Key West

southern fried fish fingers, another fave of Mike’s!

Now, some of you may say that buffalo shrimp isn’t considered very fine dining. And some of you may even term it “bar food.” Well, if you know Mike and me well enough you know that Mike’s favorite food is … wait for it … bar food! I eat bar food in exchange for him trying cuisines from different countries at restaurants of my choice. I consider it a very fair trade, although I don’t know how Mike feels about it!

Every night that we walked home, we saw this feral cat. He could be the less-fortunate uncle of our two rescue kits. The family resemblance is amazing.

We saw this feral cat a few times outside our resort. He could be the less-fortunate uncle of our two rescue kits. The family resemblance is amazing.

P.S. Wait until you see the photos of the food we ate at Santiago’s Bodega. I’m working on that post next.

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