Clumpy Nail Polish: What to Do?

Some of my favorite nail polishes all in one spot.

Some of my favorite nail polishes all in one spot.

Do you have bottles of old-ish nail polish? I do. I don’t think much about culling the colorful herd on a regular basis like I do my makeup since, well, shouldn’t nail polish last forever? Or at least until you get really tired of the color?

It used to be that when I grabbed one of my old favorites and headed to the nail salon the nail tech would open the bottle, peer in, shake her head, then reach for the acetone. She’d explain that the polish had gotten “thick.” That it needed “thinned.” And she’d add  acetone (aka nail polish remover) to the polish, recap it, and shake vigorously to blend. Then she’d apply the “thinned down” polish to my nails.

Well guess what? That is not the perfect solution to resurrecting clumpy or thick nail polish. Nope!

“What is?” you ask.

I’ll answer a question with a question: Did you see the February 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine? In it a professional manicurist said that you’ll get a smoother, less streaky manicure if you thin the clumpy polish with a few drops of fresh clear nail polish. Yup! That’s the better solution. So when your manicurist (or you) reach for the acetone, stop, think and add clear nail polish instead of acetone. Your nails will thank you.

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