Writing: The Road to Awesome and Fighting Fear

Critic’s Math: 1 insult + 1,000 compliments = 1 insult 

Fear holds many of us back. As you work on your writing, as you write your blog, you will bump into fear, according to writer and speaker Jon Acuff. Fear pops up when we are doing what’s most important to us. It might be that whispering voice in your head that uses the word “enough.” It insists, “You aren’t good enough.” or “You aren’t smart enough.” Sometimes fear can be traced back to a traumatic childhood incident; an upsetting event at a young age can define your identity, according to Jon. It will ask you, “Who are you to think you can do that?

Fear. Of success. Failure. Something. Makes my keyboard appear larger than life.

Fear. Of success. Failure. Something. Makes my keyboard appear larger than life.

During his Closing Keynote at BlissDom 2013, Jon urged us bloggers to confront our voices, our fears. He said that at some point in our childhoods we used to believe we were awesome. Our child-selves would look at people who were doctors, engineers, superheroes and others and say matter of factly, “He’s just like me.”

We can, according to Jon, get back to believing we are awesome. We need to find what brings us joy. What fills us up. Typically, when you bump back into something from your past, something you lost along the way, you connect with joy.

If you have fear,

  1. write down what your voices are saying.
  2. refute your voices with the truth, point by point.
  3. share what your voice tell you with other whom you trust

Fear hates community. And regrets give our present to the past so we don’t have a future, according to Jon.

Focus on your joy.  “The unstuck person is unstoppable,” according to Jon.

And if you need to get the voices out of your head and out into the world to better silence them, why not visit a site Jon created just for that? I visited. I posted. And I gotta say that the particular voice I named is just that much quieter in my head. Try it.

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