Easter Fashion, a Review

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For the first time in many, many years I bought myself a brand-new Easter outfit. One that kept me warm for this early Easter in our Northern New Jersey area. Yes, everything (and I mean everything) I wore yesterday was brand spanking new. I felt good. I felt special. And I was comfortable to boot.

I love bright colors.

I love bright colors.

Talbot’s white denim jacket. Coldwater Creek lime green polka-dotted jeans. Eddie Bauer v-neck T. Nine West buckle shoes.

And take a look at my son Max.

Max looks great in yellow.

Max looks great in yellow.

I bought him a new Easter outfit too. He has a classic all-American vibe in this outfit, right? Well, except maybe for his shoes; our family is a little, um, special when it comes to our shoes. I’ve always loved the look of a yellow Ralph Lauren sweater, and with his brown hair and golden brown eyes, Max looks great in yellow. Calvin Klein white v-neck T. And his jeans? Classic Levis 1969 straight legs in a dark wash; I got them for $29.99 at The Gap; it was what I call my “deal of the day!”. His gray shoes are vintage, handed down from his Dad.

Do you celebrate Easter? Did you buy yourself a new outfit? Why not share your look in the Comments section with a link?

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5 Responses to Easter Fashion, a Review

  1. Carole says:

    You look gorgeous! Perfect colors for you as well as Max. Didn’t Mike and Tory share in the family fashion show??

    • Thank you!
      Mike was wearing same old, same old; he looked nice, but eh. And Tory looked very cute, but since she came right from college/went directly back I never got to snap a pic of her. She wore a high/low printed chiffon-y dress (have you seen the short in front/longer in back fashion for our younger women? very nice.) with cherry red knotted-top flats and a vintage (her Dad’s from high school) Levis jacket; her hair was a tumble-ful of her natural curls.

  2. OpinionsToGo says:

    You look great…white denim jacket is a ‘must have,’ and Max looks like he should be on the cover of ‘GQ!’

    • I had seen that white denim was “in” for spring; and I literally found mine for next to nothing. So excited!
      Thank you! My son is a handsome young guy; he has the perfect physique to be a model.

  3. Merri Dennis says:

    We celebrated Easter yesterday, but no new clothes for us this year. You and your son look great!

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