A New Experience … False Eyelashes

“Suck up life. Enjoy every experience.” C.C. Chapman

Last weekend I rocked my first set of false eyelashes. Yes, for two days and one night I was be-lashed and gor-gee-us. I was at BlissDom, alone and looking for adventure in the sponsors’ area of the conference, when I stopped at the Bissell booth. My Little Green Machine, a faithful cleaning companion for more years than I can remember, had gasped its last over some cat vomit and I wanted to learn about Bissell’s newest portable spot cleaners. I did a double take when I saw one woman getting a mini massage and another having false eyelashes applied. In the Bissell booth.

My faithful Little Green machine cleaned its last spot.

My faithful Little Green cleaned its last spot and died.

Lordy, lordy! I got a two-fer: information on Bissell’s newest products AND an appointment with destiny to have a set of false eyelashes expertly applied!

The next afternoon I showed up early for my appointment. Danielle, the makeup artist from Spa Chicks on the Go, motioned me onto a high stool. I took off my glasses and batted my nonexisting lashes at her. She smiled and turned around to select my new perfect eyelashes from her assortment. I about fell off the stool when I saw she had enough Ardell eyelashes to outfit the entire cast of a Broadway musical. And each pair was more beautiful than the last.

Danielle suggested a set of natural looking lashes for me. I nodded eagerly then looked toward the floor, as instructed, so she could affix them to me and my excited peepers. In what seemed like seconds Danielle handed me a mirror and asked me what I thought of them.

I couldn't bring myself to toss the little darlings. They boosted my self-confidence ... and they don't take up much space in my carry-on.

I couldn’t bring myself to toss the little darlings. They boosted my self-confidence … and they didn’t take up much space in my carry-on.

Staring back at me was me. Only better. I sat up straighter. I fluttered my eyelashes. I winked. My right eyelash winked back.

I lowered the mirror. My fluffy eyelashes and I made eye contact with Danielle. Then we slid off the stool and hugged Danielle. And thanked her. Then hugged her again.  Then my eyelashes and I sashayed back out into the bustle of BlissDom, ready to conquer the world!

My sparse eyelashes and I say, “Thank you.”


Disclaimer: I received a free pair of false eyelashes, expertly applied, from Bissell at BlissDom. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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8 Responses to A New Experience … False Eyelashes

  1. Denene says:

    I was wondering where the mini spa was! I totally missed out. I would have gotten a massage! If you really liked the lashes, did you know that now you can get lashes that last 4-6 weeks?! A coworker of mine got them and they looked great and she rocked them for several weeks before they needed refreshing. 😉

    • I was so pumped when I realized I could get some fringe! My hands shake too much for me to apply them myself (I’ve tried). I will check out the extended-wear fringes. I could def become addicted to the look!

  2. Jane Gassner says:

    What an incredible treat. Bissell obviously knows that the time is long gone when a new vacuum could thrill a woman. But pampering of any sort–very smart move, Bissell.

  3. Anne @notasupermom says:

    Those were falsies? They looked natural, but lush. I had mine done Friday at the Nyx cosmetic booth in the One2one suite, and I was over the moon!
    Mine washed off in the shower the next morning, sadly.

    • You thought they were real?! 😉 I LOVE you!
      The Nyx booth in the One2One suite was terrific too. I stopped there for a touch-up before I got my new head shots taken. So much fun.

  4. Ahem…I want to see YOU in the lashes not just the lashes!! Great story, sounds great great Fun!!

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