Revlon Colorstay Manicure vs OPI Gel Manicure

Revlon gel-like polish fine printWell, I’m reporting back. I tried a Revlon Colorstay long wear nail polish manicure. You might remember that I was looking for an alternative to a salon gel manicure: Yes, the gel manicure goes on easy, looks fantastic, and lasts about three weeks on my fingers. BUT the removal process — the acetone-soaked cotton balls balanced on my fingernails, which were wrapped in aluminum foil and encased in plastic gloves  — dried out my cuticles big time after having a series of gel manicures. I could almost live with that. BUT over time, as the nail tech used an emery board to remove stubborn traces of the polish, I was left with brittle nails, prone to peeling, that were scraped. I didn’t see the cumulative damage to my nails until about the fourth gel manicure removal. That’s when I went cold turkey and stopped getting the gel manicures so I could get my nails back to normal. It took many, many weeks, but they are lookin’ good once again.

Revlon Colorstay nail enamelsI bought the Revlon Colorstay base, color and top enamels — since I wanted to give the polish it’s best chance of lasting “up to 11 days” and perhaps coming close to the salon gel manicures as far as shine and longevity. And I took the polishes to my local nail salon and had the tech apply them.

I started with freshly cleaned nails and the tech applied the base coat.

Base coat applied to clean, bare-naked nails.

Two coats of color came next.

Two coats of shiny rich color.

And applied the shiny top coat.

And then the super-shiny top coat.

The finished product!

The finished product!

I left the salon with completely dried nails and hope in my heart that the manicure would last at least ten days on me. I recognize that’s not the three weeks the gel manicures lasted, but hey, it’s better than a regular manicure lasts on me (five to seven days).

Days passed. I lived my life. And I looked at my nails every so often to see how they were faring. After ten days, this is what my nails looked like:

Not what I was hoping to see.

Left hand. Not what I was hoping to see.

Is it better than a gel manicure as far as longevity, shiny and durability? No. Is it better than a regular manicure? Yes. But my search continues for a long-lasting shiny manicure that remains intact for two-plus weeks! Let me know if you find the perfect manicure, ok?


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