Clothes Shopping with My Spouse

Jones New York shirtsMy husband Mike and I have been married for, ummm, 32 years and counting. But we used to clothes shop together infrequently. By choice. We would shop together for his clothes. And I would shop for my clothes alone. Raise your hand if that’s how it rolls at your house.

I only recently learned (like 3 years ago, which feels like yesterday to me) that Mike actually doesn’t mind shopping for clothes for me with me. Imagine! He told me that I “don’t waste time.” He said that “I move through stores quickly, knowing what I want.” So now we shop for both of us mostly at the same time, mostly together. And we do it mostly when we’re on vacation.

In a well-timed move considering all the sadness and stress we’ve had at home, we left New Jersey (and our one mature Siamese and two hellion kittens) in the tender care of our two young adult children and (I’m sure) their assorted friends who (happily) come and go with regularity from our home. Mike and I are at our beloved Hyatt Coconut Plantation time share. Yesterday, the weather in Bonita Springs, FL was cold, like below 60 degrees cold. Not pool or beach weather unless we wore winter coats, which we left in New Jersey because we thought we were going to be spending time in the sun. <sigh>

clothes from TalbotsSince it was so cold we did what any respectable married couple would do: We went shopping at a humongous outlet mall. Truly, we weren’t alone; the place was packed with sad sun seekers with nothing better to do. In short order Mike and I shopped Nine West, Jones NY, Michael Kors, Talbots, Brooks Brothers, J Crew, DKNY, Eddie Bauer and more. We came away with a bunch of new items: Mike bought 3 work shirts and 3 casual shirts. I bought 1 black dress (for what seems to me now-obvious reasons), 1 pair of black jeans, 4 casual tops and a short knitted jacket. And everything was purchased at deep discount…which made Mike smile. Widely.

Time in store? 1 hour. Black jeans and dress for me. Casual shirts for Mike.

Time in store? 1 hour.
Black jeans and dress for me. Casual shirts for Mike.

Now we just have to figure out how to stuff the new clothes into our carry-on suitcases. But that’s another story for another day…

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  1. Norma Fay says:

    I love shopping when you get clothes at a discount. I usually shop at Burlington Coat Factory because they have great deals. I love the clothes they have and the prices are just as nice.

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