Fashion on a Budget — Jersey Style

Udelco is a really, really cool used/vintage clothing store located in Hawthorne, New Jersey. My daughter Tory heard about it in December 2012, and we hopped in the car and found it, tucked on a little light-industrial side street. That day, we came away with a pair of boots (slightly worn), a pair of shoes (never worn), a black Calvin Klein gown (perfect condition), an ice blue satin Marilyn Monroe-style 1960s gown (needs a bit of TLC, but I can do it), a faux fur shortie jacket (never worn) and a few other items that escape my 50-something mind at this moment. We spent $50. And priceless hours together laughing, talking and searching for those few perfect pieces of clothing.

Now to find Max's size!

Now to find Max’s size!

Since then, I’ve returned to Udelco twice. Alone. I spent two-plus hours each time. And had the best time. One trip I purchased a designer cummerbund, tux vest and tux shirt for my son Max; those three pieces match the nearly new (pockets were still sewn shut!) tuxedo jacket I bought for $4.50 for him at a local Goodwill Store. That same trip to Udelco I found the perfect vintage pea coat for Max, plus two vintage chamois shirts. And a duplicate of his favorite Army surplus wool jacket. Total cost? $50.

One more piece and Max will have a complete tuxedo at his disposal.

One more piece and Max will have a complete tuxedo at his disposal.

Another time I found a black beaded gown in perfect condition in Tory’s size. Cost? $10.

I try some items on so I know if they will likely fit Tory.

I try some items on so I know if they will fit Tory.

Tory works part time in the fashion industry and attends numerous events that require her to dress in evening wear. That said, she’s a college student and can’t afford to buy a brand new gown for every event. Thrifting has allowed her to look beautiful and appropriate on a very small budget. And she loves that no one ever has the same outfit on as her.

Thrifting reminds my a lot of my girlfriend Pat’s “time or money” approach to gardening.

Do you thrift? What’s your favorite find?

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7 Responses to Fashion on a Budget — Jersey Style

  1. I wish we had one in Kansas City. Sounds marvelous. I go to two consignments stores in the Midwest, Ditto and Lulu’s, and always leave with treasures and steals.

  2. Ellen Dolgen says:

    Thanks for the savvy shopping tips. I tried to read them but I’m too distracted on how good you look in that dress.

  3. Great ideas for finding bargains. In the past though, I’ve found you have to go to these kind of places not expecting much. If you do find something that is in your size and in reasonable condition , you are lucky.

  4. Beautiful bargains! You really have the knack for finding this great stuff.

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