Spring Makeup Trend: Blue Eyeshadow, Anyone?

InStyle magazine is one of my favorite fashion magazines for scoping out upcoming seasonal trends. One of the spring “trends” featured in the January edition surprised me…not in a good way: blue eyeshadow. I’m not feeling the love, no matter what one of my fave magazines is suggesting.

I was in high school in the ’70s and blue eyeshadow was popular. I look at photos of myself from back then and I shudder (no, I won’t post one here; it’s a self-protection thing); to get an idea of what I looked like, take a look at the models in the Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013 fashion show <shudder>. Don’t get me wrong, the clothing shown in the video below are beautiful to me. I hate the slashy eyeshadow. What do you think?

Even though I learned to apply makeup with a light hand, the chalky, icy slashes of blue on my eyelids back in the ’70s want to burn the retinas out of my head when I look at those old photos. I think blue eye shadow is ugly. Yup. Ugly.

To be fair, the shades shown for Spring 2013’s blues are darker, more intense. They remind me of what my daughter’s friend looked like the day after she got hit in the eye with a softball: bruised.


I wrote the Pantone Spring 2013 colors to the left of the layout. Do you think the suggested blues blend with the Pantone Spring 12013 color palate?

Take a look  (from the January 2013 InStyle mag, page 84) to see what “Trendy” blue matches your complexion. Would you wear what’s suggested?


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4 Responses to Spring Makeup Trend: Blue Eyeshadow, Anyone?

  1. Heck I would try it! I couldn’t look any worse in it than I did the first time around…or maybe I could??? hahaha. Still I love INSTYLE!

  2. Kat Meller says:

    I never looked good in blue …. not sure I would want to try that again, I’m more of a “muted” color palette … but I’ll make those browns dazzle!

  3. Haralee says:

    Always fun to try!

  4. Maryl says:

    We did a series on hair and makeup for the midlife women this past September with beauty expert Eva Scrivo. She recommends taupe eye shadow with a darker fine line above lashes muted again with the taupe. Finish off with a dot of white under the inner tear ducts. But heck there must be some way to play with blue as long as the eyes don’t wind up looking too sunken.

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