People Magazine and Me: Friends Forever

Beauty, fashion, books, movies, music…People has it all.

I was 16 years old when People magazine first hit newsstands and supermarkets in 1974. On the first cover? Mia Farrow dressed as Daisy Buchanan from the movie The Great Gatsby (with Robert Redford — swoon). I remember looking at the way Mia was dressed and trying to figure out how I could dress like her. And going to a local craft store and buying a string of cheap pearl beads and wrapping them around my neck. Yes, at 16 I began what has become a life-long hobby: looking at fashion on famous and not-so-famous people and figuring out how to incorporate the pieces I like into my own look.

In the beginning People magazine covers were printed in color and the rest of the magazine was in black and white. I didn’t care. I was looking at beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes, makeup and jewelry; I was reading about actors and actresses, finding out about newly released movies, looking at celebrity fashion, makeup and hairstyles, and I was in heaven. I was getting celebrity news and fashion in one magazine. And at 35 cents an issue, a big sum for me back then, it was worth every hard-earned penny.

Put me in a room with a pile of fashion magazines (and because of the many, many photos I consider People to be one such mag). I won’t come out until I’ve read every magazine cover to cover. I love looking at the latest fashions, makeup and hairstyles. I love seeing how celebrities dress. And I love picking out pieces I like and working them into my own outfits.  It never gets old, at least for me. And now that I have a daughter who is also interested in looking good, albeit with far different taste than mine, I  pick out looks for her too.

We get ideas, my Sharpie and me.

I find it so satisfying to circle a look with my ever-present black Sharpie marker, then rip the page out and put it in my “looks” folder. Or if I see something on line I’ll bookmark it or send myself a link (happy sigh) so I have an easy reference when I’m out shopping. Yes, my purse positively bristles with tear sheets at different times of the year. And since I lost more than 30 pounds in 2012 I’m slowly building a new wardrobe. One that fits properly and looks good.

People magazine and I have grown up together. And we’ll likely grow old together.

Do you read People? Or do you have another favorite magazine? Glamour, Allure, More? Whether you’re 16 or 55 there’s probably a magazine that speaks to you and your fashion sense and has a look for you.

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6 Responses to People Magazine and Me: Friends Forever

  1. kim says:

    I get People, InStyle, Redbook, Allure….hmm…..I get alot. I love magazines!

  2. OpinionsToGo says:

    Wow, you really got an idea and ran with it. Good job!!

  3. Lisa Tognola says:

    It’s my guilty pleasure on every flight!

    • I used to shove “People” into my briefcase to read on the train to/from the investment bank where I worked in the 80s-90s; once it slid out and onto my desk. You had to see the look my boss gave me as she said, “You read THAT?” Like I should prefer to read “The Economist?!”

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