Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Magazine and catalog photos inspire me; I’ll even try to re-create a particularly pretty vignette in my home. It’s kinda like a hobby. I think. Or maybe it’s just that I get bored staring at the same things. The contents of the two large glass jars that live on my family room coffee table are a great example: I redo them every season…and sometimes for different holidays. Right now? I’m thinking “winter.”

Check out these glass jars.

Did you see this simple, but attractive tableau (above) in a recent Pottery Barn catalog? You can buy the supplies directly from Pottery Barn or do what I often do…gather up items I’ve collected over the years and through the seasons, spread them out and decide how to arrange them based on my inspiration photo. Here’s how I decided to re-create the tableau, albeit my way:

I pulled out two Pottery Barn candles, bought a bag of small pinecones (since our local parks only have trees that drop big pinecones) at a discount store and found a couple of branches of faux pine branches in my basement stash.

Layer the pinecones in the bottom of the jars, making sure they sit on their sides so the candle will perch properly when inserted. Then pull the faux pine branches apart so you have much smaller bits to insert in the jars…so much more attractive, you know.

Put a candle — centered in the space — in each jar, making sure it sits firmly (no wobbling!) on top of the pinecones, then start to add the faux pine springs.

Jiggle the faux pine sprigs around until you like how they look against the candle. It’s not high art, but it sure looks pretty to me.

And I really like how they look in our family room.

This floor vase always has something seasonal or holiday related in it.

I was bedazzled by a set of lit “snow-covered” branches I saw at AC Moore. So I used a 40% off coupon and bought them. Then I went to Michael’s and bought (50% off coupon, anyone?) a bundle of dried grasses in red and tan tones.

It was fun to meld the two disparate bundles together to create what I think(?) is a pleasing whole.

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