Let’s Talk Recipes: Sour Cream Cookies

Do you have a traditional holiday recipe that has been passed down through your family? Would you be willing to share it on my blog? My family has a number of beloved recipes, from sour to sweet. One of my all-time favorite sweet family recipes is the one for sour cream cookies. Now don’t go getting all frown-y faced on me. The sour cream is what makes the cookies moist; they don’t actually taste like sour cream.

I like sour cream cookies because they aren’t too sweet and they aren’t too crunchy, especially if, like me, you store the baked cookies in an air-tight container. Sour cream cookies are a real pick-me-up when the slouchy part of my day hits around 3 pm; of course, I limit myself to two since I’m living a Weight Watchers lifestyle.

A family tradition.

As part of my pre-Christmas ritual I bake a batch or two of sour cream cookies every year.

Start by gathering all the ingredients.

Measure out the Crisco (I mostly buy the butter-flavored one, but either one works well for this recipe) and sugar; put them into the bowl of a stand mixer. Cream together. After they are well mixed, add the eggs, vanilla and sour cream to the mixing bowl. Mix well. Scrape down sides of bowl. Then

Measure the flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda into a sifter; sift them into a bowl. Add the flour mixture in small batches to the wet mixture already in the mixer. Beware of “flour poofs.”

This is what the cookie dough should look like after it’s mixed.

You can go all fancy and load the dough into a cookie press and make gorgeous looking cookies. You can even add a nut, chocolate chip, or bit of dried fruit to decorate said gorgeous cookie prior to baking it.

Or you can plop the cookie dough onto an un-greased baking sheet using a plain old tablespoon. Make sure all the plops are the same size though so they bake evenly.

In my 350 degree oven it takes about 12 minutes to turn out handsome cookies like these:


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3 Responses to Let’s Talk Recipes: Sour Cream Cookies

  1. I’ve never heard of sour cream cookies. Sounds yummy! I like the idea of adding chocolate chips. Where’s you family from?

  2. I’m from western PA,; heavy German/PA Dutch influence around there and I figure that might be the culture from which the cookies originated.

  3. Joyce says:

    In my mind, sour cream is never wrong : )

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