Tollhouse Cookies: Uncle Chester Is Coming!

I grew up sneaking cookies out of this red apple cookie jar. This weekend I’ll be listening for the lid to rattle when my Uncle Chester sneaks in for a sweet treat.

My Uncle Chester loves sweets, particularly cookies. And he and my Aunt Shirley are driving in from Ohio to share Thanksgiving at our home this year. To celebrate their imminent arrival I fired up the oven and made some homemade Tollhouse cookies for him. He will eat them by the handful, if my family doesn’t eat them before he does.

Have you made the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag? It’s tried and true, and the one I always use.

Gather the ingredients (let the butter/eggs get to room temp), measuring cups/spoons and cookie sheets. Preheat the oven.

Measure the dry and wet ingredients, per the instructions, into separate bowls.

Cream the wet ingredients together in a standing mixer; make sure you beat them well or else the cookies will feel “grainy” when you bite into them. FYI: I’ve burned out many (duh, 3) a hand-held mixer in my younger days…trying to beat the flour into the creamed mix.

Add the flour to the creamed wet ingredients a bit at a time. Start slow, then speed up the mixer to prevent “flour poofs.”

The dough should look like this once you add the chocolate chips. And make sure you add almost 3 cups of them; you can’t have too many chips per bite!

I use a regular old tablespoon and plop the dough onto un-greased cookie sheets to bake; my oven bakes them properly in 10 minutes.

Fresh from the oven! The recipe makes about 4 dozen cookies, after you’ve eaten a few “test” cookies.

Have you made this recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag? Or do you use a different one? Care to share your opinions/recipes in the Comments section?

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