Tailgating: Bringing Families Together


¬†Last Saturday dawned bright and not so freezing. My husband Mike and I teamed up with long-time friends John and Renita for a morning tailgate party prior to the Rutgers University v Army football game at noon in New Jersey. We love a good tailgate, but we didn’t do it all that often…until our youngest left for college in September. Our baby, Tory, attends Rutgers University, and we started to attend the Scarlett Knight home games (a) because we like to watch football, (b) we love to tailgate and (c) we know if we tailgate our daughter will show up to eat. And talk. My that child can talk. And we love to listen.

Since kickoff was at noon, I gathered breakfast foods, Tory’s fave meal. Into the cooler went the eggs, sausage patties, cheese, English muffins, red potatoes, water for hot chocolate, orange juice, and more. Mike was in charge of loading the table, chairs, grill and mini burner into the back of our Honda CVR.

Good friends

John and Renita brought their own chairs and a bottle of bubbly we mixed with the orange juice. We love friends like them!

We drove onto Livingston Campus and immediately set up our kitchen and living room.

Mike fired up the grill and I popped the potatoes on to bake in foil. Next came the sausage patties.

I texted Tory that breakfast was almost ready. And almost like magic, our daughter appeared.

Tory will show up for our tailgate parties every time.

So my advice to parents who miss their college-aged kid? Tailgate at her college and she will appear, hungry and ready to visit. And sometimes she’ll bring her friends. The more, the merrier.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Great way to get in some family time with a college kid!

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