Hurricane Sandy: Enough Is Enough

On October 29 (my 55th birthday) Hurricane Sandy stopped for a visit. She was a terrible house guest; by the time she left a mere 24 hours later we had large downed limbs, two destroyed fences and a serious lack of amenities. We are power-less (double meaning there, huh?) yet again, having weathered (get it) a bad storm in October 2011 that left us power-less for four days. The difference this time? We are SEVEN DAYS AND COUNTING WITHOUT POWER and all having power entails.

My husband Mike and I are resilient people. We know how to live like pioneers. We’ve coped through power outages before, but this one is wearing us down. After day three of no power my beloved ordered  a small generator and made sure it arrived pronto. Here’s the little darling hard at work:

We still don’t have heat (our home is currently hovering around 50 degrees), BUT we have a few lights, a refrigerator that works, and HOT water. In order to power these appliances we had to be creative in our use of … extension cords. And Mike is nothing if not creative.

Mike ran the generator cord into the basement, then used the laundry chute to efficiently snake extension cords to areas where we needed them.

Like to the refrigerator and kitchen lamp

and out of the second floor laundry chute down the hall to our bedroom lamp.


P.S. My hair is still a mess, albeit a clean mess. But I’d trade almost anything I own for heat, blessed, blessed heat, in our home, especially with the nor’easter coming our way.

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7 Responses to Hurricane Sandy: Enough Is Enough

  1. Kim says:

    Many here still don’t have power also. I hope it comes on today for you.

  2. I am so sorry. 🙁 How awful. I hope you are getting hooked up as we speak!

    On a bright note, how killer is it to have a laundry chute!!! And, I like the third color down. HA HA. I saw your “samples” on the wall.

  3. Barb Best says:

    Sending you some of our southern Californian warmth and hoping you have the power back any minute now. And that’s cool you have a creative husband!

  4. Lisa Tognola says:

    No doubt, we’ve all had to learn to live more resourcefully!

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