Storm of the Century? Waiting for Sandy

Eileen, our wonderful lifestyle consultant, looking at the master plan for The Landings on Skidaway Island GA.

Mike and I just returned from round two of Operation ReLoSouth. I’ve been writing a blog post about the first community we visited during our southern swing; it’s called The Landings, just outside Savannah, GA. Despite trying I haven’t finished the post yet. Do you want to know why? It’s all Sandy’s fault. Yeah, that b**** of a storm/tropical cyclone/hurricane that’s headed toward New Jersey. Where I live. I can’t focus on writing because I’ve been busy prepping for what’s being billed as at least the storm of the century. The outdoor furniture in indoors, our computers are backed up, we have water and food ready as well as candles and flashlights. The cars are gassed up as is the chainsaw. I ran the dishwasher. I’m finishing up the laundry.

“What else?” I keep asking myself. “What else can I do to prepare?”

Last year New Jersey was hard hit by two bad storms, and the worst one for our family occurred right around this time. It ruined Halloween and a lot of other stuff too, like lives, homes and property. My family and I were without electricity for four days after that storm. By the time our electricity was restored I was spent. And we were some of the lucky ones. Forecasters are saying Sandy will be even worse the last year’s storm.

Will we be living out of coolers again this October into November? Only Sandy knows for sure. And she’s not here yet.

My sister Cindy, nieces Melysa and Moriah and their families live in Central New Jersey, closer than me to the Jersey Shore. During last year’s Halloween storm the water marched almost up to my sister’s back door. Her town’s drains were clogged, which caused the water backup. Thank goodness the water ended up receding before she was forced to evaculate.

Fast forward to Sandy. My Mom arrived from Arizona last week to spend time with her daughters and friends. Right now she’s staying with Cindy in Central Jersey. My brother-in-law Bid battened down the hatches, hooked up the generator and generally did all he could to prep for the coming storm. I’m sure my Mom is watching him.

Meanwhile our daughter Tory is at Rutgers University on the Piscataway campus. When I asked her if she wanted to come home and ride the storm out with us, she politely said she’d stay at school. She has a flashlight, a case of water and her beloved VW Bug named Sunny is filed with gas. I have to believe she’ll be safe in her four-story concrete dorm that is located far from the Raritan River. That said, I am like a mama duck; I want all my ducklings right next to me when danger threatens.

Are you in the path of the storm? Do you feel like you have a bull’s eye on your back? Stab me with a fork to see if I’m done with Jersey yet!

Fingers crossed, my friends, that we all weather the storm safely. It’s massive. And dangerous.

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8 Responses to Storm of the Century? Waiting for Sandy

  1. Loryl says:

    Keep safe family!! I’ve been thinking about you- prayers while you’re all riding out the storm.

  2. Joyce says:

    Stay safe Darlene!

  3. Lisa Tognola says:

    Good luck, Darlene! I hope Frankenstorm isn’t too scary!

  4. We’re here about 40 miles inland west of the Delaware beaches where the storm is due to land. Thanks to the meteorologists, we’re expecting the Spanish Inquisition. And this time we have our sump pump Plugged in. And soon this will all be a nightmare.

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