Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Do you change decorations in your home to match the seasons? I do. I used to go all out and over the top, decorating practically every flat surface in our home for each season; then I got old and tired and re-thought my approach. If you are time crunched (or just plain lazy) why not try doing what I do?

A few tall glass jars and a glass cloche are what I use to decorate for the four seasons — Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall — we celebrate here in Northern New Jersey. I change the contents to match the seasons; it’s easy (and not too expensive) to do something different every season and still feel like I’ve “decorated.” My trusty glass jars and cloche mean that it takes me maybe an hour to create fast, beautiful and seasonally appropriate decor. And I always receive compliments on them.

You can use large jars or smaller ones, depending on what you have on hand. If you use smaller ones you might want to group, say, 5 together instead of 3 so the display is eye-catching.

I purchased this glass cloche at Target years ago. I’ve had the gold-rimmed plate a million (or more) years.

Whatever you put under the cloche should be just enough to catch your eye, but not so much that your eye gets stuck on it.

This fall I decided to used faux leaves (you could use “real” ones). And a few small animal-shaped candles.

This display resides in my formal living room. What do you think?

Since my back is giving me real fits right now I decided to go super easy for the contents of my two tall glass jars. They live in my family room, usually atop a stack of garden books.

I purchased two different types of glass “fall” stones; they are shaped like acorns, leaves and pebbles.

I poured the two different mixtures into a large bowl and ran my fingers through them to mix them up.

Then I slid the mixture into my glass jars, popped the lids on and stood back to admire my work. The glass catches the light and draws your eye.


If you try this idea, please come back and leave a comment and a link to your blog or photo of what you created. I’d love to see it!


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  1. Lisa Tognola says:

    Funny, I was just having this conversation with my family, wondering aloud whether I’d be motivated to decorate the entire house once my kids had all left the nest. The jar route may be the way to go! Hope your back feels better soon.

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