Chicken Soup for the Soul, Married Life: 3 Writers, 3 Stories, 3 Readings — 1 Book

An essay I wrote was published in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul, Married Life.  And that’s a thrill! Many, many of my writer friends know how exciting it is to see their words in print, in a book. And now I do too!

It’s really exciting to hold the book in my hands, to open it and see my essay and my name. Have I had other pieces published? Yes. Have I had other works of mine appear in an honest-to-goodness New York Times bestselling book series? No. Chills, my friends! Chills!

To celebrate the book’s publication, two other local Northern New Jersey authors and I will be reading our essays on September 25th at the Montclair, NJ Public Library. If you’re in the neighborhood, please plan to attend! I would be delighted to greet you! Seeing familiar faces in the audience might help quell the butterflies that are sure to be fluttering in my system that night!

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3 Responses to Chicken Soup for the Soul, Married Life: 3 Writers, 3 Stories, 3 Readings — 1 Book

  1. How exciting! Congratulations on this major accomplishment. I’m sorry I won’t be in the neighborhood for the reading (Montclair, NJ is a bit of a hike from Indiana), but I know you’ll do great. I look forward to reading your essay when I get my hands on the book. (Ever thought about doing a giveaway?)

  2. Amy Newmark says:

    Darlene, congratulations on being in the book! I loved your story about your husband doing all that research on sunglasses. I’m sure everyone at the reading will love it too.

  3. Congrats! How exciting. That is fabulous.

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