The Jersey Shore: Never a Dull Moment

A few weeks ago I took a nostalgic trip back in time, Jersey style. My sister-in-law Cathy drove. She, my sister-in-law Judy, who was visiting from St. Louis, and I grew up in New Jersey; we’ve known each other practically forever. They are Jersey Women born and bred, while I am by adoption; my parents moved me here when I was 5 years old. Where did our road trip take us? To the Shore. To the Jersey Shore. To Seaside.


We arrived late morning and parked our chairs a the north end of the sand, where it wasn’t crowded. We slathered on suntan lotion and settled into our books for a while. Then we sprawled in our beach chairs and yakked. We talked about the past. We talked about the day. We talked about the upcoming joint graduation party for my niece Katie and my daughter Tory. While we yakked the storm clouds gathered behind our backs, unseen. Until Judy turned around and sounded the alarm. Not too many minutes later the lifeguards whistled us off the beach. The rains rolled in. Torrential. Unrelenting. Rain. Can’t-see-through-the-windshield rain.

Judy rustled up a scrumptious Mexican restaurant for us even though she's lived in St. Louis for many years!

Smartly, Judy made a few phone calls and we found ourselves running through the rain into a small Mexican restaurant called Beach Burrito, where we had scrumptious tacos and burritos. We hung out and ate, taking our time, but the rain showed no signs of lessening. So we hung out some more. Finally, Cathy thought it was safe to leave. So we did.

When she started to drive north, out of town, she had to turn around; the intersections were all flooded! We saw flooded cars, flooded home and flooded streets. We were pretty well trapped in Seaside by the water. So Cathy, barely registering alarm, took us on a sightseeing tour of Seaside!

Take a look at what we saw:

We drove around the block 3 times hoping to see someone from the Jersey Shore cast. All we saw were wet security and camera men.

Did you know that the Jersey Shore house is only a few short blocks from the clubs Karma and Bamboo where the cast spends many of their nights partying? On the TV show it looks like they are located far from each other! I don’t even get why the cast has to drive to get there? And take cabs home? Maybe it’s the shoes the women wear?! Help me understand.

Recognize this club from the TV show Jersey Shore? Looks pretty tame in the daylight!

This is Karma (bad spot to plant a tree!), which is only a block from Bamboo and only a couple of blocks from the Jersey Shore house.

Finally, the floodwaters receded a bit and Cathy plowed water to get us out of Seaside.

Cathy drove her new Volvo sedan through the high water like it was a boat. Way to go, Captain Cathy!


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3 Responses to The Jersey Shore: Never a Dull Moment

  1. Barb Best says:

    Man, you Jersey (and former) Jersey goils have all the fun.

  2. I love days like this – fun! I would have swam to nearest mall. Can u imagine the flood discounts? Wheee! 🙂

  3. Joyce says:

    I love stumbling upon random fun like this. Not sure how excited I’d be to see the cast of Jersey Shore but there is something about seeing ‘celebs’ in person that is fun no matter who they are.

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