Weight Watchers, Beer Runs and Me: WW Maintenance Living

Today was my Weight Watchers (WW) weigh in and meeting. I’m in week two of “maintenance” and working toward my “lifetime” designation. Since I have reached my goal weight, my new challenge is to keep my weight within two pounds of my goal weight. This is a scary time for me. No matter, Andrea, my WW leader, said it will take some trial and error before I “get it” and become more relaxed. She told me not to worry because we’d figure it out. Together. I want to believe her! I weighed in up 0.2 today. Yes, I’m up, but still below my actual goal weight.

One of the ways I was able to lose the weight steadily was by eating no more than my allocated WW points. The other part of the equation was exercise. I have to continue to exercise or I could end up back where I started. Most of you know that I’ve taken up running. And that I challenged myself to run at least one 5K a month for the 2012 running season. On Sunday I ran my 2nd 5K for the month of June (You can read about my first June race here.)! I ran the Lager Run in Glen Ridge, N.J.

It’s a Beer Run!

At the annual 5000 Meter (5K) Lager Run last Sunday, well over 1,000 runners/walkers lined up to race. We were asked to line up by how fast, on average, we could run a mile. That meant the really good runners, likely those who were competing for points in this USATF-NJ Masters Men’s 5K Championship race, lined up at the very front. Next were the 6-minute milers and so on. The last sign was for 8-minute-milers; I lined up right behind the volunteer holding that sign. Since I haven’t broken 30 minutes for a 5K yet this season, it was probably where I belonged. You can probably figure out why we are asked to line up this way, but just in case you don’t: Lining up this way insures that slower runners don’t get trampled by faster runners and faster runners don’t “lose time” trying to get around slower runners.

As more and more people lined up I realized most of the runners were walking right by me and the 8-minute-mile sign to line up at the 7-minute-mile sign or even at the 6-minute-mile sign. Really? Can that beer belly really cross the finish line in less than 20 minutes? And how about the woman who stared me down then lined up directly in front of me? She wheezed as she walked by me! Hello? Do I really look that slow?

When the gun sounded the really fast runners disappeared like rabbits out of a hat, leaving the rest of us to jostle it out in the hot evening air. We worked to find our pace; those runners who had optimistically lined up at the 7- or 6-minute signs quickly realized their error as they fell off the pace. I found my rhythm pretty quickly. At about the mile mark, I passed an older man, shirtless but covered with a thick pelt of back hair. He glanced over at me and grunted, clearly not happy a woman passed him. I ran on, focused on the tall blonde woman in front of me; she was my pace car.

At about the 2-mile mark I saw a young woman down, her running clothes a colorful blotch on the ground; thankfully, the EMTs tended to her. Then I heard a loud grunt; back-fur man passed me, smiling broadly. No mind. I raced on.

Cheering neighbors line the race route. They set sprinklers up so we could run through them to cool off. They offered us water and encouraging words.

I rounded the last corner and head up the small rise in the road toward the finish line at Hurrell Field. As I ran onto the track I sped up enough to pass back-fur man whose breathing was even more labored than mine.

My time? A new personal best of 30:04.57!

Beer never tasted so good!


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