Montclair High Pre-Prom 2012: One Mom’s Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Tory asked me if we could host a pre-prom party in our backyard. It took me all of two second to reply with a resounding “Yes!” I was delighted that Tory and her friends think our yard would make a perfect backdrop for their memory-inducing prom photos. Almost immediately I made a list of the things that needed to be done to make the yard more “presentable.” I wanted everything to look as perfect as possible before those lovely young women and men strolled across the lawn.

Some people in our town would have hired a team to mow, edge, prune, weed and generally make the yard perfect. And a painter to re-stain and seal our pergola, which was the centerpiece of the photo ops. Perhaps they would have hired someone to scrub the 2 benches, 2 lounge chairs, 11 chairs, 2 tables and myriad other metal furniture until they shone and wouldn’t leave marks on a pristine gown or classy tux. And maybe they’d have hired a caterer and florist. That’s the kind of town we live in, but it’s not how we roll. My husband Mike and I took deep breaths and began a whirlwind of work over the weekend that culminated in last-minute touches like bowls of blue hydrangeas on tables and balloons bobbing along railings!

As I finished tying the last balloon I heard the clop, clop of high heels behind me.

Let the party begin!

For years, these 4 young women have been tighter than Marilyn Monroe's sweater.

Samantha, Heidi, Tory, Sarah and Martha.

Heidi, Sarah, Samantha and Tory hang out in the pergola even when they aren't dressed to the 9s!

This was the 3rd gown Tory tried on in her search for the perfect prom dress.

Striking one of their classic group poses with Eva.



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4 Responses to Montclair High Pre-Prom 2012: One Mom’s Adventure

  1. kim says:

    Love your backyard. We should have lunch there one day. So pretty!

    Love all the girls dresses. They look beautiful.

  2. Lisa Tognola says:

    Beautiful subjects and setting!

  3. Joyce says:

    Beautiful pictures! Your garden made a lovely setting for their special night.

  4. Ty Knight says:

    The party looked like a lot of fun. Cute pics. Found you on Bloggy Moms and love the blog.

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