Weight Watchers Friday: Goal!

Today was my weekly Weight Watchers (WW) weigh in and meeting. I’ve attended weekly since early January, only missing it if I am out of town. The meetings help keep me on plan. And I enjoy hearing about and applauding my group members’ successes. Listening to our group leader Andrea and my fellow Friday folks and sometimes speaking helps me keep on track and tracking.

I mentioned last week that I was close to reaching my goal weight. I may have mentioned how nervous I am about reaching that weight … because then I have to learn how to maintain it … forever. I am good at working toward a goal. I know that. Let’s hope I am good at maintaining. Why?

Because today I reached my goal weight!


When Andrea asked us if anyone was celebrating this morning, I raised my hand. I shared my good news. The room erupted into applause; my group was happy for me! Andrea asked me if I’d like to share something I learned since I joined WW. You know what I said? Two things.  First, I learned about portion size. Growing up I was told to eat everything on my plate. And I carried that habit (and more) into adulthood. WW showed me what a portion is and taught me that I can be satisfied with just one. Heads nodded when I said that!

Second, I told everyone how important attending the weekly meeting is for me. I said that hearing everyone discuss their successes and challenges, learning helpful hints and being around like-minded people helps me. More heads nodded!

One lifetime member said that she lost 75 pounds ten years ago and keeps it off by attending a weekly meeting. She said,” If you never leave, you’ll never gain the weight back.” Wise woman!

I was so happy when Andrea handed me the silvery WW star that signifies “You’ve reached your goal weight!”  I added to my WW keychain.

My WW keychain is my lucky charm. When I'm feeling like I need a boost, I hold it. And I think about how far I've come.

I am very, very happy. And very, very nervous. I have 4 additional points added to my daily allotment (WW suggests 6, but Andrea could see the terror in my eyes at the thought of “so many” so we agreed I’d start with 4 and go from there!).

Have you reached your goal weight? Will you share a helpful hint with me about how you’ve maintained your weight loss? I would so appreciate it!

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3 Responses to Weight Watchers Friday: Goal!

  1. Carole says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE A STAR!! (although a very skinny star…..)

  2. Dawn@LightenUp! says:

    CONGRATULATIONSSSSS!!! That’s great, Darlene. So happy for you!
    However I must say, proper portion sizes make me sad. ;0)

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